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Encyclopaedia Britannica closes its print edition after 244 years of publishing, leaving only its electronic edition live. It is a time of shame for modern civilization. In this modern era where the Internet anonymity is praised everywhere, we must know that all the great works in writting are signed. A computer screen will never be able to replace the personal feeling one has with a book in paper which you hold (and yes, I also have tried the Kindle). However a computer screen is very useful to read quickly things which were written quickly. And we must remember that lower cost and thousands of volunteers with lots of spare time cannot compensate for experts writting on their field of expertise. Despite how much it is useful to have things for free, it is also useful to have things of quality. But anyway. If you think Quality can be produced by those who have free time to write articles on science and philosophy exactly because they are not involved with science and philosophy work (!!!), then maybe Wikipedia IS for you anyway…

Light. Data. Universe.

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