Salmons, GPS, human arrogance


We are proud of our technology, we feel as “kings of the world” having created the complex GPS satellite system which utilizes all of our modern physics to help us pinpoint our exact location on the planet.

Well, salmons have been doing it for thousands of years. Having been in a place only once, they return to it years ago with extreme accuracy and without any… satellites helping them.


Or pure stupidity?

From an apple that is not an apple to death that is not death…


Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. (OSF) has created a genetically modified apple that does not brown after being cut [1]. Is an apple that does not turn brown after being cut an apple?

What are the characterisitcs an apple has? How many characteristics of an apple can we change before we stop talking about “apples”? Are things really different or is the world ONE as Parmenides said? [Harmonia Philosophica]

What actually is “is” ? What makes something what it “is” ? If we change one characteristic of something, is that something the “same” ? Yes? What if we change two characteristics? Do we still have the “same” thing? If we change all characteristics of  normal “apples” as we know them now, in 2010, will they still be “apples”? Imagine the same questions for humans and your mind can blow up… All of our cells change – are we still the “same” person? If yes, what about death? Is that also a small “characteristics change” in our body and existence? Do we still remain humans, as apples that do not brown are still “apples” ?

Circumcision, Jews and the (misunderstood) role of Religion…


The German government says Jewish and Muslim communities should be able to continue the practice of circumcision in the name of religious freedom, after a regional court ruled it amounted to bodily harm. (1)

Every time something similar happens, we tend to forget the true nature of religion. Religion is a philosophical system based on the knowledge of people who formed the group of wise men of their time.

And few of us remember that our medicine is not an exact science (see Why Medicine is NOT a pro-Science argument!), but also a system of beliefs based again on the knowledge of some people – like the “alternative” medicine of Chinese is a similar system.

And no matter how wrong all those things might sound to you, Jews have the lowest rate of penis cancer

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