Day: January 31, 2013

  • Pigeons, Ithaka, weird tales…

    The mystery of the “Bermuda Triangle” of the homing pigeon world may have been solved. For years, scientists have been baffled as to why the usually excellent navigators get lost when released from a particular site in New York State. The puzzle of the vanishing pigeons began in the 1960s. Professor Bill Keeton from Cornell […]

  • Hidden Symmetry

    Two Rutgers physics professors have proposed an explanation for a new type of order, or symmetry, in an exotic material made with uranium. When cooled to 17.5 degrees above absolute zero or lower, the flow of electricity through this material changes subtly. The material essentially acts like an electronic version of polarized sunglasses, he explains. […]

  • Evolution of the Theory of Evolution: 0

    How much have we misunderstood the Evolution of Species, the notion of Biodiversity and Nature in general… We believe that diversity in nature is automatically created via evolution. But at the same time the UK government has announced that five species of invasive non-native aquatic plants are to be banned from sale in an effort […]