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Swarm robots: AI final frontier! (literally)


Researchers in the Sheffield Centre for Robotics, jointly established by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, have been working to program a group of 40 robots, and say the ability to control robot swarms could prove hugely beneficial in a range of contexts, from military to medical. [1]


The researchers have demonstrated that the swarm can carry out simple fetching and carrying tasks, by grouping around an object and working together to push it across a surface.

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Wow! Decades of fake promises that we “will have a robot in each house”, we are still playing fetch with small dummy machines… We are talking about SOLID RESULTS DELIVERED here… Hehehe… (no, no it is not a matter of fooling us to get funding. These ARE the things they get funded for! The other robots advertised are just for the new Star Wars episode…)

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  1. Alex Jones

    Small steps produce eventual large results.

    1. skakos


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