Killing me Softly: Texas, abortions and the need for a comfortable life…



A Texas judge ruled Friday that a Fort Worth hospital may not keep a brain-dead pregnant woman on life support against her family’s wishes, and ordered doctors to take her off the machines by 5 p.m. on Monday.

The ruling gives the family of the woman, Marlise Muñoz, their first legal victory in a two-month battle over the fate of her body that has raised an emotionally charged national debate over end-of-life care, abortion and a Texas law that prohibits medical officials from withdrawing life support from a pregnant patient.

Lawyers for Ms. Muñoz’s husband, Erick Muñoz, said they were provided with medical records that showed the fetus was “distinctly abnormal” and suffered from hydrocephalus — an accumulation of fluid in the cavities of the brain — as well as a possible heart problem.

The hospital acknowledged in court documents that the fetus was not viable.
Ms. King, the family’s lawyer, apologized in the courtroom for putting it so crudely, but told the judge that pregnant women “die every day,” adding: “When they die, their fetus dies with them. That is the way it’s always been, and the way it should be.” (!!!!!) (1)

So… there aren’t any people with hydrocephalus alive now?
Can’h hydrocephalus be treated?
Check out John Lorber cases.

But is this really the point here? I believe not.

The point is that we define LIFE based on legal terms and not based on what… life actually is!

That ALIVE fetus was sitting quiet in its dark world and was suddently deprived of oxygen, without ever having the chance to be heard. It died peacfully. Alone. As we all do. Like an ant, we squashed it into oblivion so as not to disturb our “neat” lives.

Oidipus was killed for much milder crimes…
We have lost our real contact with the Universe.
We have forgotten which is the price for Hybris.
We have become arrogant.

We have officially proclaimed ourselved Gods.
But not Gods that promote life and love.
Gods that promote hate and death. It is much easier to give death than to sustain life.

Not Gods who like to know.
Gods who prefer not to know, not to see. It is much easier to kill what you do not see.
Lazy “gods”…

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