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The majority of climate scientists who believe that concerning levels of carbon dioxide are being pumped into the atmosphere have got it wrong; Instead, there should be more. Or so argues Utah state representative Jerry Anderson, who put forth a bill that would limit the state’s ability to regulate emissions of the greenhouse gas. Utah being Utah, “Anderson’s climate change skepticism enjoyed a receptive hearing from committee members, [but] they voted to hold the bill,” The Salt Lake Tribune noted.

“We are short of carbon dioxide for the needs of the plants,” said Anderson.

“Concentrations reached 600 parts per million at the time of the dinosaurs and they did quite well,” he added.According to “Popular Science”, Anderson, who was incredibly once designated as Wyoming’s biology teacher of the year, obviously has a generous definition of “doing well,” at least when it concerns an extinct type of animal whose existence hinges on an acceptance of science (which doesn’t evidently extend to climate science). He may also be confused about the differences between dinos and humans. (1)

So the objection to Anderson’s objection is NOT that carbon dioxide is less now as compared to the era of dinosaurs, but that we are not like dinosaurs?

What we take for granted, we should not take for granted.
In an era of deception, we should at all cost try not to be deceived.

From “ocean ice melting that will increase sea levels” (which was at last substituted by the “glaciers melting” of a much lower intensity) to the “we don’t know if we are part of a larger climate cycle” to the denial that Sun’s lower activity may be the cause of climate change to the “carbon dioxide increase” (which we now learn that it is more a decrease than an increase), ecology is full of money… sorry I meant full mistakes.

But what did you really expect?

Ecology is the daughter of money. (no, it was not the result of collective wisdom suddenly popping out of an all materialistic shallow selfish society which realized its mistakes and started wishing for more balance on Earth)

Life father, like son…
A dishonest system can never generate honest values.

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