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Nintendo criticized for not allowing gay characters in its game. [1] Austria sends… a man feeling woman with a beard to Eurovision. [2] Movies promote gay people having children. [3] Bestiality brothels are ‘spreading through Germany’!!! Animal abusers claim that sex with animals is just a ‘lifestyle choice’. [4]

When you promote abnormality, then there are consequences…

What would you say if necrophiliacs started having their own brothels?

Evolution of Human Rights. (but whose?)

Why not have brothels with… lobsters?

And no, this has nothing to do with the rights of anyone!

Or now that I think about it…

It has to do with the rights of majority which does not want to be oppressed by the minority. It has to do with the rights of nature to define on its own the “normal”. (Gr. “ΦΥΣΙΟλογικό”)

Iran, US, torture, finesse...

It is another thing to respect all people for what they are and want to do. (all logical progressive people would agree that all citizens should have equal rights independently of their sexual orientation!) And another to have the abnormal impose it self on the normal as the new… normal. This has nothing to do with human rights or progressiveness or democracy. It has to do with simply stating the facts. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Hyperbolic discounting, extensive margin, rebalancing, New Thought. Or... how economic jargon reshapes Society

Take a look outside your window…

Do the snowflakes have beards?