Month: June 2014

  • Placenta, Jokes, Interactions. Funny things…

    The placenta, once thought sterile, actually harbors a world of bacteria that may influence the course of pregnancy and help shape an infant’s health and the bacterial makeup of its gut, a new study has found. The research is part of a broader scientific effort to explore the microbiome, the trillions of microbes — bacteria, […]

  • Curiosity, microbes, observing.

    A recent study of swabs taken from the rover before it launched found its surfaces contained 65 bacteria species. Engineers are supposed to put spacecraft like Curiosity through a stringent cleaning regimen before launch. Yet certain species of bacteria are known to survive even NASA’s cleanrooms. Wondering about what remained on Curiosity even after cleaning, […]

  • Mirror neurons. One.

      Scientists have discovered that everyone can read minds. Through the mirror-neurons we all have, whenever we see someone doing something we actually replicate his brain activity into our own brain!!! (1) Consciousness is One. We are all part of One. Our brain is the proof. We seem different. But we are not. Search for […]

  • GPS, position, footsteps…

      Quantum positioning system will soon step in when GPS fails. IN 2016 a British submarine will slip its moorings and set sail under the guidance of the quantum world. The navigation system it will be testing should record the vessel’s position with 1000 times more accuracy than anything before. (1) Try to trace your […]

  • Sentient machines. Thinking in wholes. The impossibility of AI.

    Sentient machines may never exist, according to a variation on a leading mathematical model of how our brains create consciousness. Over the past decade, Giulio Tononi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his colleagues have developed a mathematical framework for consciousness that has become one of the most influential theories in the field. According to […]