Asexual reproduction – The menace to ToE…


Plants can transfer their entire genetic material to a partner in an asexual manner, researchers report. Occasionally, two different plant species interbreed with each other in nature. This usually causes problems since the genetic information of both parents does not match. But sometimes, instead of passing on only half of each parent’s genetic material, both plants transmit the complete information to the next generation. This means that the chromosome sets are totted up. The chromosomes are then able to find their suitable partner during meiosis, allowing the plants to stay fertile and a new species is generated. (1)

Here you go.
Reproduction without sex.

After the bacteria and a zillion other “primitive” organisms, more evolved organisms like trees now show that the way of Darwin is not the only one. And note that humans also do the same. (IVF it is called)

Asexual reproduction poses a serious question to how the Theory of Evolution can hold.

How can a theory claim to explain everything in life, when it cannot even account for the most basic mechanism that prevails in nature?
How much more can modern biology deny the obvious?
How much does mainstream science need to start questioning the questionable?

Change is difficult, I can acknowledge that.
But evolutionary biologists must find a way to evolve.
Or they will be really fucked.

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