Solid fluids. Beginning of the Universe. Unity of the cosmos.


A solid material that conducts electricity perfectly at certain temperatures may also qualify as an almost perfectly flowing liquid.

If the result is confirmed, the superconducting material would become the first nearly perfect fluid that isn’t among the hottest or coldest substances in the universe. The result also suggests a new way of deciphering a class of materials that could eventually whisk electricity around the power grid with no energy losses.

In 2002, researchers chilled a cloud of lithium atoms to less than a ten-millionth of a degree Celsius above absolute zero to create what’s called a Fermi gas. Three years later, a particle accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y., slammed gold nuclei together to form a trillion-degree-C quark-gluon plasma, a substance thought to resemble matter in the universe just after the Big Bang. (1)

The world full of solids.
The world full of fluids.
The world full of nothing.
The world full of everything.

Start irrationalizing the cosmos.

And you will see that it is one solid rigid thing.

Flowing like water…

Intestines in mice: The environment as Existence’s matrix for Dasein…

Slimy chunks of human gut can now grow up and get to work inside of mice.

Transplanted into rodents, tiny balls of tissue balloon into thumb-sized nuggets that look and act like real human intestines, researchers report October 19 in Nature Medicine.

The work is the first time scientists have been able to transform adult cells into working bits of intestines in living animals. These bits could help scientists tailor treatments for patients with bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or cancer, says study coauthor Michael Helmrath, a pediatric surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. (1)

I have a crazy idea.

That the environment shapes everything.
And given that we shape the environment, it seems that we shape everything.
Or that everything shapes everything, including us.

Dasein (being here and now < υπ-άρχω) and Being (existing < εξ-ίσταμαι – floating above the sea level, aren’t we all waves which all believe that they are “different” even though the ocean below unites us?) as the same thing. Entangled in such a way that it makes no difference any more. One or another. In an eternal loop…

I have a crazy idea.

That we just are our environment.
That our environment is us…

Bacteria. Viruses. Good. Bad…

Normally, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Clostridium novyi.

The rod-shaped bacterium is commonly found in soil, manure or under rotting leaves. When it invades a human body, it releases flesh-eating toxins. The last place you would hope to find it is in a hospital.

But researchers used a modified version of this bacterium to destroy an advanced cancer that had spread to a patient’s shoulder. When injected directly into the shoulder tumor, the altered bacterium killed the cancer cells, sparing nearby healthy ones.

Another bad bacterium, Listeria monocytogenes, is a frequent culprit in serious foodborne illnesses. But the microbe is being tested in patients with several types of cancer. Engineered with special tumor-recognition molecules, Listeria prods the immune system into action, marshaling an attack against tumors that the body might otherwise be unable to combat. (1)

Good. Bad.
Health. Disease.
Death. Life.

Stop defining things.
Stop thinking for a moment.
And everything will come back into place…

Brain as a TV. Science as a dogma.

Scientists in Cambridge have found hidden signatures in the brains of people in a vegetative state, which point to networks that could support consciousness even when a patient appears to be unconscious and unresponsive. The study could help doctors identify patients who are aware despite being unable to communicate.

The researchers showed that the rich and diversely connected networks that support awareness in the healthy brain are typically — but importantly, not always — impaired in patients in a vegetative state. Some vegetative patients had well-preserved brain networks that look similar to those of healthy adults — these patients were those who had shown signs of hidden awareness by following commands such as imagining playing tennis.

The images above show brain networks in two behaviorally similar vegetative patients (left and middle), but one of whom imagined playing tennis (middle panel), alongside a healthy adult (right panel). (1)

Watch the TV carefully. Break the TV.
Conclude that the TV is producing the image.
Be astonished.

Now go back and re-check your assumptions.

Make sure they have not turned into dogmas.
Watch the TV again carefully…
Break it again.
Keep watching the show…

Science. Papers. Progress. Brave scientists. Admitting mistakes…

Science chases progress. Researchers live under pressure from grant agencies, their peers, and the public to produce exciting results. New finds make headlines; checking old work usually does not. But when a recent study of human behavior by Sarah Brown-Schmidt and Sid Horton failed to reproduce a result from the authors’ earlier research, they published a paper in the online journal PLOS ONE saying so. The response has been almost unanimously positive. (1)

Being proud is about admitting your mistakes.
Being great is about admitting you are not.

We once had great scientists.
We once had great religious people.
Now we just have copy-cats.

Everything is dead.

It is in the simple people we must look upon.
Between these people lies the hope of the future.

Something is still alive.
But you must search for it in the small people.
In simple unknown scientists.
In simple unknown priests of greatness…
Retract papers. Bring down churches.
We must die in order to be reborn…

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