Month: January 2015

  • Imprisonment. Fear. Rehabilitation. Stupidity.

    The Onion – the satirical news site – posted a nice post recently: “15 Years In Environment Of Constant Fear Somehow Fails To Rehabilitate Prisoner”. (1) It may sound silly. It may sound stupid. It may sound funny. But it is clever. And to the point. And not funny at all. We imprison people. We […]

  • Brain. Control. Broken wires.

    A woman paralyzed from the neck down can now grab a ball with a robotic arm – just by thinking about it. Jan Scheuermann, who lost control of her limbs in 2003, was able to make complex hand movements using the robot arm. She successfully picked up and moved a variety of objects, from a […]

  • Changing perception. [Crazy]

    Things change. Many people are afraid of change. But if you think it is something you may count on, then it looks like comfort. [Madison’s bridges] Death is the end of life. Many people are afraid of death. We think death as a scary skeleton with a scythe. But if you think death as a wonderful […]

  • Ancient tunes, relived…

    That’s a good thing for Conner, who after completing a degree in music composition got deeply interested in Babylonian literature and poetry—which was originally recorded in cuneiform, wedge-shaped marks on clay tablets. But the words on the paper, the modern incarnations of these mineral etchings, were not enough for Conner. She wanted to know what […]

  • Time moving forward. Time moving backwards…

    Most of our lives revolve around time, from the instant our alarm clocks go off to attending afternoon appointments to the moment we call bedtime. Tick tock. But what exactly is time, and why is it always marching forward? A new paper suggests that the arrow of time – a term given to the forward […]