Believing in God. Losing. Being true. (no, He will NOT save you! And that is a good thing!)

Santiago Sanchez Mejia and el maestro Joselito. Faced death many times. Been alive…

People believe in God because they believe He will save them.
Because they believe He will make their lives better.
But God does not do that.
His own son died and suffered.
God simply exists.
And loves us.

Death is here.
Misery is here.
We just have to understand what “here” is…

Losing and suffering is an integral part of life.
Accept that.
Eternal life is here.
All we have to do is see it.

Like the keys to your car,
search for the keys of existence in the most weird places…

Get drunk. Give up free will.

As any fan of Drunk History knows, people don’t exactly talk the same when they’re drunk. Now, some scientists are attempting to gather enough information to accurately predict a person’s drunkenness based on a simple conversation.

Scientists in Germany created the first database of drunk speech patterns, called the Alcohol Language Corpus, which they put together by getting people drunk and having conversations with them in the passenger seat of a stopped car.

Plausibly, Fast Company speculates that eventually the recognition system will be developed into a tech device that could be installed in cars, and prevent people from driving drunk. The idea is your car will be able to detect if the driver has been drinking by asking the driver a few questions and analyzing the responses. If the driver is intoxicated, the car can prevent them from driving while drunk—almost a chattier version of the breathalyzer devices that prevent people from driving drunk now. (1)

But having free will is terrifying.
Better hand over the control to a machine…

Get drunk.
And let go.

The machine will drive.
And soon enough, it will drink for you…

Non thinking brain.

What would Stuart Little make of it? Mice have been created whose brains are half human. As a result, the animals are smarter than their siblings.

The idea is not to mimic fiction, but to advance our understanding of human brain diseases by studying them in whole mouse brains rather than in dishes.

The altered mice still have mouse neurons – the “thinking” cells that make up around half of all their brain cells. But practically all the glial cells in their brains, the ones that support the neurons, are human.

“It’s still a mouse brain, not a human brain,” says Steve Goldman of the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. “But all the non-neuronal cells are human”. (1)

Change the “non thinking” cells and make someone smarter.
What does that tell us abour our prejudices?

Think hard.

With your non-thinking brain…

Feeling (imaginary?) things…

Technology has changed rapidly over the last few years with touch feedback, known as haptics, being used in entertainment, rehabilitation and even surgical training. New research, using ultrasound, has developed an invisible 3-D haptic shape that can be seen and felt. (1)

You can feel things which are there.
And things which are not.
You may not feel things which are there.
You may not feel things which are not.

Got it?

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(from Philosophy Garbage – Harmonia Philosophica circle portal)

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