Month: January 2015

  • Knowing before seeing…

    In the study published online in NeuroImage, the researchers showed that receiving information about a pair of items before seeing them may affect how well they are remembered. Moreover, the researchers also found that the activity in different areas of the brain was unexpectedly related to how the information was remembered. (1) We can know […]

  • Crates of Mallus globe. Logic. Seeing.

    Crates of Mallus created a globe. Imagined people living in the opposite (symmetric) place of the globe. He found America. Long before we found America. With his mind alone. (1) With logic you can see things before you see them. Even though (or Because?) logic is in the first place based on what you have […]

  • Charlie Hebdo attack: Censorship. Freedom. Respect. And why one cannot overlap with the other (yes, with RESPECT too!)

    Hooded gunmen dressed in black burst into the office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Wednesday 7/1/2015, killing 12 people in a coordinated strike and escaping onto the streets of Paris. The three suspects behind the attack have been identified, Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN. Two of them are brothers. French authorities vowed […]

  • What do you do? Nothing! And I feel good!

    Alain de Botton and our “What do you do?” mania… (1) We all think having a good job is something good. But the most important people on the planet were important not for their work. Imagine your self unemployed. Imagine your self as an “unfortunate” (not a “loser”), as Botton correctly points out. Realize your […]

  • Unseen creatures…

    Earlier this month, scientists observed the black seadevil species of anglerfish alive in its natural habitat for the first time. You might recognize this sort of bony monster from Finding Nemo. One of them nearly swallows Marlin and Dory after luring them toward its gruesome jaws with the pretty bauble dangling from its forehead. It […]