Science, money and politics: An unholy bond.

Science and politics…

A group of the world’s leading experts in science, medicine and economics threw their support behind Hillary Clinton in the recent elections. [1] After Trump was elected, almost all known scientific magazines started publishing articles about how everything will be… destroyed because the republican nominee was elected. All of these catastrophy scenarios were mainly related to issues of high poltical tensions like climate change and abortions, where mainstream science has decided to take a stance against the republican and in favor the liberal way of thinking. [2, 3, 4, 5, 8] After all, as Popular Science said in an article before the election, the most important speech of Hilary Clinton was the one where she stated the impressive “I believe in science” motto. [6] Even philosophy pages and sites started bashing the President-elect for his… irrationality. [7] As if they have a specific objective magical way of defining what is logical and what not. As if the one thing thousands of years of philosophy has taught us is not the simple fact that logic is subjective. Scientific pages warn us how easily we accept wrong information without thinking first. [9] Of course “wrong” information about illegal immigrants is on top of the list. Because science today is not science. It is a weapon used by politics for specific agendas. No, Trump will not be “horrible” for the planet. [10]

Let’s not forget that the most cited scientific paper for 2016 was a paper written by… liberal president Obama! A paper which was published in a peer reviewed journal without being… peer reviewed. [11] Science and politics are not just linked together. They literally feed from one another.

Examples of other cases science interferes with politics

  • Scientists call for Trump to abide by Iran nuclear deal. (source) [2017-01-05]: Why and how could scientists have an opinion on such a hot political issue? What is their case? Why should they even care?
  • Bill Nye speaking about why the Science March and science in general should be political (against right-wing ideas of course) (source) [2017-04-19]
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking against the conservatives (while trying to conceal the fact that he speaks against conservatives) (source) [+ why leftists are cherry picking science to support their arguments] [2017-04-21]
  • Why it’s not partisan to march for science. (source) [28/4/2017]
  • Climate change may be upping your risk of diabetes. (source) [28/4/2017]


Science and money…

At the same time the party of scientific projects funding continues. The examples are numerous and all have similar characteristics: A grand scientific goal, usually paired with grand project cost and effort overruns and grand delays. Of course such details matter not since the owner of the project is… “Science”. Take a look at the Webb telescope case. [11] From an initially projected cost of $500 million, it has now reached… $8.7 billion after 20 years in the making. Or take a look at CERN, which costs billions of dollars only to work for some months and then… close again for maintenance. [12] Cost and effort overruns and delays which would be more than enough to end any serious project. But not a “science” project. Not a project shielded by the dominant religion of our times. And of course who can forget the other great fashion of our times… ecology! Billions of dollars spent for solid and well-defined goals such as “The salvation of the planet”, which most of the times means funding small unknown “non-profit” (this is where you laugh) organizations in order to plant 10 trees somewhere and feed their army of employees for ever. (example)

Science and the ruling class…

Two phenomenally irrelevant cases: One for the relationship of science with politics and one for the relationship of science with money. But are they irrelevant? Actually no. They are not. They are actually highly relevant. Science, money and politics make the triangle which is at the core of ruling the world today.

And how could it be otherwise? Politics is built on money. And money is built on whatever controls the masses. Science has for along time been at the forefront of modern civilization as the method to reach “truth”, despite the warnings of philosophy that such a notion is not only elusive but also may not even exist at all (at least not in the objective way we believe). A byproduct of modern philosophically uneducated human arrogance and ignorance, faith in science has been the perfect way to manipulate the masses into what the ruling class thinks is important.

“The scientists say so”…

“Science says so”…

Anyone not adhering to the new religion of science (a.k.a. “scientism”) is automatically tagged as irrational, uneducated, illogical and so on. It takes little education in the actual nature of philosophy and science in order to discover the irrelevance of the latter with the notion of “truth” whatsoever. And it takes minimum education in real world politics in order to understand that science has diminished from a tool to model reality (as it was before the advent of the infamous “war” between religion and science in the 18th century) to a primitive tool of controlling people.

Take not my word for it…

Just follow the billions…

Harmonia Philosophica said so.

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