Time crystals. In a timeless world…


It may sound like science fiction, but it’s not: Scientists have created the first time crystal, using a chain of ions. Just as a standard crystal repeats in a regular spatial pattern, a time crystal repeats in time, returning to a similar configuration at regular intervals. (1)

Crystals developing in time.

Over and over again.


There is no time.

Everything we see are phenomena. Glimpses of the unified One as we delve into it. Everything, from life to crystals, runs in circles. Nothing can escape the fate of nothingness, simply because there is nothing to escape from. Endless repetitions can happen only in a cosmos where “endless” means nothing at all…

The best proof there is no time:

Time crystals…

Robotic tutors. Hubris…


The use of robotic tutors in primary school classrooms is one step closer according to research recently published in the open access journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. (1)

We are afraid to be parents.

And we like our children to teach us.

We hated our Father.

Because we, His children, knew better…

Sanitation. As in “Medicine saves lives”. (but not as you expect)


The value of sanitation at reducing child mortality in many low income countries has been substantially underestimated according to recent research.

A study by Prof Paul Hunter from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Dr Annette Prüss-Ustün from The World Health Organization concludes that vital health benefits of access to sanitation facilities such as latrines will only be seen once a certain level of coverage across a community is achieved.

Prof Hunter said: “The provision of sanitation is undoubtedly one of the most important public health advances of recent times, and has become a key objective in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. However recent trials of sanitation interventions have failed to demonstrate a significant reduction in rates of childhood diarrhoea, one of the biggest killers of children under two years old”.

The study suggests that the health benefits from better sanitation differ from other similar public health interventions such as improved drinking water in that the benefit is for the community not the individual user. Prof Hunter warns that other studies into the impact of sanitation that focus only on individuals’ use of improved facilities rather than the wider community coverage, are likely to severely underestimate the impact of better sanitation.

“Improved sanitation appears to be one of the most effective way to reducing childhood mortality from conditions like diarrhoea”, said Prof Hunter, “but only if high levels of community coverage are achieved. (1)

Is this medicine?

No. It is common logic.

Is it high end technological progress?

No. It is something even “primitive” people know when living in small tribes.

We fancy looking ourselves as progressed and yet all of our civilization is based on overestimated tools which offer nothing more than the obvious. And sometimes they even hide it from clear view. We all believe that medicine saves lives through complicated high-end innovations. But it is the simple things which make the difference. Things so simple as “clean up this shit”…

Dinosaurs. Νείκος. Φιλότης.


A new publication on the bird-like dinosaur Avimimus, from the late-Cretaceous suggests they were gregarious, social animals – evidence that flies in the face of the long-held mysticism surrounding dinosaurs as solo creatures.

“The common mythology of dinosaurs depicts solitary, vicious monsters running around eating everything,” explains Gregory Funston, PhD student and Vanier scholar at the University of Alberta. “Our discovery demonstrates that dinosaurs are more similar to modern animals than people appreciate. Although the players are different, this evidence shows that dinosaurs were social beings with gregarious behaviour who lived and died together in groups”. (1)

No matter how hard they fight against each other…

Animals like to be together.

No matter how much we resent each other…

Humans like to be together.

No matter how incompatible they are…

Even atoms like to bond together.

Νεῖκος και Φιλότης… [Love and Strife]

The forces forming the universe.

At the end we all want to be One. And when we are One, we will know we are all different. Living and dying together…

Same sex parents: NOT normal. NOT good.


For nearly a decade, University of Kentucky assistant professor of psychology Rachel H. Farr has studied different aspects of family life among heterosexual, gay and lesbian parents and their adopted children. Her newest findings were published by the Developmental Psychology journal.

Repeatedly, her research noted “no differences among (heterosexual and same-sex parent) family types” in myriad characteristics like behavior problems, stress levels, couple relationships, family functionality, relationship adjustments over time, and other factors. (1)

However, this is not true.

This CANNOT be true.

The kids are not alright, as a woman who was raised with two mothers stated eloquently in an open letter she sent to the LGBT community. (2)

You cannot just name the abnormal “normal” and actually believe that everything will be alright. You cannot just name the improper “proper” and believe everything will be alright. You cannot name the different “same” and believe everything is alright. You cannot see a family of two mothers and claim that they are the same with a family of one mother and one father simply because you wish so.

No, everything is not alright.

Nature has its ways. The universe has its ways. It may be ok for some humans to do what their free will dictates, but that does not mean that the universe will not react to the result of this free will. It may be ok for some people to have their own ethics, but that does not mean that this ethics does not collide with the balance of the cosmos.

No, everything is not alright.

Families do not have two mothers. Families do not have two fathers. Families have a father and a mother. This is the rule. Yes, there can be exceptions. But these exceptions should be exactly that: exceptions. Of course one can say that in the future the norm will be different. Of course one can argue that in the future all families will have more than one mother and more than one father. But that does not make that “normal” nor “good”.

We should respect the universe. We should respect nature. We should try to grow based on our free will, but we should do that within the guidelines and limitations of the world we live in. Not doing that is not a matter of power or freedom, but a matter of arrogance and defiance.

The above has nothing to do with respecting each other for their choices. And it surely has absolutely nothing to do with treating each other equally regardless of their personal choices. Everyone can do whatever they want, given the limitations set by the laws of course (I would also refer to the limitations of ethics as well, but that is beyond the scope of this article – read “The source of ethics” for more). And it is true that the laws have changed and will change even more. In the past having two same-sex parents was unacceptable. Now it is. In the same way though, in the future things might change again. Which brings us to the point: What is acceptable by society today or tomorrow, or what is allowed by the law today or in ten years has nothing to do with the essence of the problem. Because whatever changes happen in society, our nature will still be the same. Our bodies will still be defined as men and women. And our children will always be the offspring of both. And if we want to change that nature (I would disagree with that, but again it is your right), then we should at least have the decency of saying it so, rather than calling it “normal”.

You see, that is always the most difficult part in life.

To accept the obvious.

Good night mom.

Good night dad…

Sleep tight my child…

Everything will be alright…


That is the normal way of things…