Testability. The criterion for good theories. The death of modern humans.

Scientists are testing a theory of particles in a Weyl semimetal instead of testing it near a black hole. Because the behavior or particles in a semimetal is similar to the behavior of particles near a black hole.

At the same time string theory has been maligned because it makes predictions that cannot be tested. (1)

The basic criterion of whether a scientific theory is successful or not is something very practical – almost childish in nature: Testability. You may have the greatest theory of all times, explaining all great mysteries of the universe, and yet the scientific community will not even bother looking at it if there is no way to test it. It is like a small child wanting to test the advice of his parents: he will never be able to do so because he just lacks the necessary knowledge and tools to do so. The child will only follow the advice of his parents out of love and trust. These are the most important criteria of a good theory: does it relate to humans? Does it stem from love for humans?

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Look at religion. It used to be science. But now we have forgotten what true science is. Now we treat ourselves as machines and all we care about is numbers and data. We have dehumanized the cosmos. And we are paying the price.

We want to live. We want to exist.

And we want to be logical enough to justify that urge.

But these are two important things which cannot be tested or proved…

Look at the mirror. There is no way to test that this is you.

Do you love your parents?

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