The last farewell of Louis XVI (Source:

The last farewel to his family was a very moving moment for Louis XVI, the last King of France.

At least now we have democracy.

And now we can sit comfortable at our sofa and watch wannabe models crying got seeing their relatives whom they haven’t seen for one week…

No, this is not a post in favor or against any political system.

It is a post against the degradation of our civilization to the point of ridiculousness.

Yes, that would be something to cry for.

“Our theoretical understanding”…


“Improvements of our theoretical understanding of the material world…”

This is the beginning of a phD thesis in a big university in the US. (Princeton, ProQuest number 22587372)


We started from a real knowledge of the cosmos. By living in it.

Then we moved on to understanding it. While standing aside.

We seek knowledge.

And what is a pity is that at the end…

We will understand everything…