Learning Greek for Beginners – Lesson 4 [Asking for food]

Learning Greek for dummies – Lesson 4: How to order food!

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Lesson 4 summary

This lesson will focus on practical Greek. How to speak and manage to ‘survive’ in Greece, i.e. how to order food.

Eating food in Greece is always a delight… (source: eating-everyday)

Dialogue No. 4: Food!

Let’s start with the most important thing: Food!

Greece is know for its great food, so knowing how to order it is vital. Without further adieu…

– Γεια σας. [Geia sas]

– Καλημέρα. [Kalimera]

– Θα ήθελα δύο σουβλάκια παρακαλώ. [Tha ithela dyo souvlakia parakalo]

– Ευχαρίστως. Θέλετε και κάτι άλλο; [Euxaristos. Thelete kai kati allo?]

– Θα ήθελα και ένα μουσακά και μία ντομάτες γεμιστές. [Tha ithela kai ena moussaka]

– Μόνο αυτά; Κάτι άλλο; [Mono auta? Kati allo?]

– Και λίγες πατάτες τηγανητές παρακαλώ πολύ. [Kai liges patates tiganites parakalo poly]

– Ωραία. Θα πιείτε κάτι; [Oraia. Tha pieite kati?]

– Ναι. Λίγο κρασί. Και μια σόδα. [Nai. Ligo krasi. Kai mia soda]

– Ευχαριστώ πολύ. [Euxaristw poly]

In English that same dialogue means:

– Hello.

– Good morning.

– I would like two souvlakia please.

– Gladly. Would you like something else?

– I would also like a moussaka and a portion of stuffed tomatoes.

– Only these? Anything else?

– And some fried potatoes please.

– Good. Will you drink something?

– Yes, some wine. And a soda.

– Thank you very much.

Asking for things

As we saw in the dialogue above, the main verb here is Θέλω (Thelo), which means “I want”. If I wans to say “I want a moussaka” I simply say “Θέλω ένα μουσακά” (Thelo ena moussaka).

Always remember to be polite and say please (parakalo) when asking something.

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