Conspiracies Manual (Against, stupid, conspiracies)

Who hasn’t heard of conspiracies about the coronavirus. It was built in a laboratory, the Chinese unleashed it at the Americans, the Americans threw it at the Chinese, it was used as a biological weapon, etc. And how many of us have not heard of conspiracy theories about the governments taking measures to restrict it in order to destroy their citizens, dismantle their own economies, level down their own businesses, etc.

All of these theories have some things in common that we can easily document. And so we will reach our own conspiracy. The conspiracy of stupidity.

1. Conspiracies are unproven: This is a key element of any conspiracy. If it turns out to be proved, then it’s boring. And it’s not worth discussing. This is what conspiracy theorists are looking for anyway: discussion, likes, comments. No, these would not even exist if what they were saying had been proved.

2. The conspiracy uses elements that are valid but outside the proper context. The invocation of data that is valid somewhere but not for the subject we are interested, the report of research that studies something similar but not what we are discussing, the use of analogies between irrelevant things, the selective use of parts of research, the selective projection of the opinion of some scientists but not of the myriad others who claim the opposite, these are just some of the tricks that conspiracy theorists use, willingly or unwillingly.

3. The conspiracy is related to the person who accepts it. How will the likes in Facebook be built? A serious conspiracy is being hatched against those who have “discovered” it, and so they can take on the role of the heroes, the victims, the persecuted. What’s better than one or more martyrs? So in the coronation conspiracy the clever conspiracy theorist has discovered the cunning plan of the world’s elite to “restrict” him and imprison him in his house to drink and eat comfortably. Because, of course, Soros and the Bildenberg Club had nothing else to do but think about limiting John Doe at Texas.

4. Conspiracy theories are popular. Contrary to the opening line of all conspiracy theorists “Warning – Anti-popular post follows”, conspiracies promoted by conspiracy theorists are very popular. If not at everyone, at least definitely in the inner circle of the conspiracy theorist. Because conspiracy theorists are not lonely geniuses fighting for the truth (there are many such geniuses and they are usually recognized after death) but simply spokesmen for the stupidity that is inherent in the collective unconscious. That is why, together with the conspiracy theorist, there are myriads of others who are also very smart and have discovered the conspiracy, in spite of the stupid elites who, although they control the planet, did not make sure that Emmie from Manhattan would grasp their cunning plan. And Jane from Ohio, of course. Because Jennifer from Cincinnati had told her, who had heard it from her best man…

5. The conspiracy is not refutable. No matter what happens, it will never be proven wrong. There are no facts that if they come to light will allow someone to decide whether it is valid or not. So is the coronavirus conspiracy: Conspiracy theorists talk about what would happen if the measures taken were not taken, after they are sure that we will never know in practice what would happen if there were no measures taken (since they were taken after all). And if one refers to what some models said about the deaths we would have without measures, the conspiracy theorists go to the unbeatable No. 2: using the studies and the views that suit them.

Does all of the above mean that there are no conspiracies? Of course not. There have been and there will always be conspiracies. But they are serious and not ridiculous. They are motivated and not set on quicksand. If one analyzes them, one can come to some serious arguments in favor of their existence – always acknowledging the serious possibility that he has made a mistake. And most importantly: these conspiracies are boring and don’t give much likes.


Who killed Kennedy?


Scientists agree that geo-engineering is legal. (source)

Weather modification (including cloud seeding) was discussed from the 40’s (see declassified meeting notes of US Senate hearing at 1974 and here).

Patents for cloud seeding have been filed from this time. (Powder contrail generation)

Geo-engineering and weather modification today is part of the university research, part of private research, part of scientific research in general, part of state sponsored research, part of politics in the US, target of “philanthropy” (!) or part of military planning (see “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” or here).

Taking all that into account, why should we even care if the chemtrails “conspiracy” theory is correct? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

After all, there is a specific US bill which prohibits such non-existent things… (source)

We want to control everything. Even the things which cannot be controlled. The chaos inside our mind has this crazy idea that it can impose order in the chaos outside of it. We cannot lash the sea.

The storm is right here. All we have to do is accept it and get wet.

Oh, how much we like to see the other way. How much do we really like to keep looking at a cloud taking “shapes”, while the storm keeps coming towards us from behind…

New Russel Wallace site – The coronation of dogmatism

A new site with the collected works of Russel Wallace is online. However the problem is that this site is not so objective as one might think it is.

It describes Wallace as the “co-founder” of the Theory of Evolution while he was just THE founder. Although in Wallace’s biography it is stated that Wallace did send his manuscript to Darwin (for him to approve and publish! bad luck can be very ironic some times…), the site claims that “confusion” surrounds the dispute. Where one can find “confusion” in a case where one has a reported official manuscript while the other has nothing of a kind (the site speaks of “notes” and admits that “Darwin was two years away from completing and publishing his big book on species”), is a little bit hard to see…

[Read Russel Wallace and Evolution Theory for the truth about Wallace and his works]

The site also gives a short description of Wallace’s draw to spiritualism, with the totally unacceptable way: “Like mesmerism and phrenology before, Wallace thought he approached the subject with scepticism but soon became entirely convinced that the “phenomena” produced by mediums such as table rappings, spirit writings, apparitions in dark rooms and so forth must be genuine and never again doubted his conclusion”…

Well, that was it. In just one sentence we are given the very reasons of todays science being so cold and non-human. “Wallace thought he approached the subject with scepticism but…” the site claims. So we “KNOW” that spiritualism does not exist and poor Wallace was so stupid that he saw things being where they did not. This kind of a priori knowledge of the truth is what has destroyed todays science.

Later on the same Biography in this site, where physiologist G. J. Romanes is quoted to have written about Wallace’s book “Darwinism”: “It is in the concluding chapter of his book, much more than in any of the others, that we encounter the Wallace of spiritualism and astrology, the Wallace of vaccination and the land question, the Wallace of incapacity and absurdity” [refers to the last chaprter of the book Darwinism of Wallace, where he concludes that human spirit cannot be interpreted by Theory of Evolution], the ONLY thing the site has to say is: “The accusation of belief in astrology was incorrect”. (and of course nothing is said about the fact that Wallace died alone and in poverty due to such “accusations”)


Let’s all thank God we are accused of “spiritualism”! 🙂

Modern biologists really CANNOT handle the fact that the founder of their beloved theory is a spiritualist. Hehehe…

Laughing at someone who sees a spirit in human (that is why Wallace never thought HIS theory could be 100% applicable to humans, something his materialistic opponents never forgave him) is one thing.

Publishing a supposedly “objective” site about that someone, is another. The truth is not something one can make his own and manipulate it in order to pass his personal agenda. Wallace was the founder of Theory of Evolution and believed that humans are something more than blood and bones. This is the opinion of many other scientists today.

A site which interprets Wallace’s life in the way that fits the way mainstream scientists think today will not change the fact that humans DO have something more than blood and bones in them…

PS. Perhaps the most extraordinary piece of information in this site is where it mentions that when Wallace set sail to return to Britain from a 9 months expedition to the Amazon, the ship sank and he lost all the specimens he had collected along will almost all his notes. The comment for that disaster that could make anyone die of despair, is “Fortunately the collection was insured by Wallace’s London agent Samuel Stevens for £200“… WTF?!?

The Light Bulb Conspiracy (or Planned Obsolescence)…

The light bulb burned out. Again. You must be really bored to go and change it. But if you knew what lies behind a light bulb burning out, you may be more irritated and angry…

Behind every bulb that burns out lies hidden the Light Bulb Conspiracy.

No it is not a joke or part of paranoid conspiracy theories! It’s a fact. One can see related information or to watch the documentary free on the Web page “The Lightbulb Conspiracy” of Facebook (and many other free websites – see 1, 2). You can also search for it as “Planned Obsolescence”.

In short: companies used to make old light bulbs to last much longer! But at some point all the major manufacturing companies met together and created a cartel (Phoebus cartel) which decided to deliberately decrease the quality of the bulbs so as to break down more easily and therefore sell more! Yes, it’s true. What we call “old things break more easily” is more true than we think.

Similar examples exist throughout all industries!

Yes, nylon stockings used to be so enduring!

For example, one is left dumbfounded when he sees in the documentary old female nylon stockings ads, where the hose was used to tie together two cars (!) and when one car started to pull the other the pantyhose did not tear off and was still keeping them together (!!!) as in the picture above. Tell that to a woman today whose stockings are worn off every now and then…

The modern economy is based on the infamous notion of “growth” which is based on nothing more than continuous consumption. And the only way to achieve this is to construct new needs in the world. Planned Obsolescence is an integral part of this.

The Centennial Light Bulb, burning continuously for more than 100 years!

A lamp that lasts for 100 years (yes, old they made so durable! – See here) has no place in such a world! People who attempted to build more durable lamps just “happened” to die in “accidents” (e.g. Dieter Binninger) or simply their companies went bankrupt because again by “pure coincidence” they could not find a way to promote their more durable lamps in the global market (see the East Germany company Narva).

Search your closet for old bulbs…

Nash or “How to cure schizophrenia without medicine”…

John Forbes Nash Jr. is known for his discoveries in economic sciences (although I doubt if such thing as “economic science” exists, but that is another thing). However he SHOULD be known for his medical discoveries!

No, Nash was not a doctor! But he managed to cure himself from schizophrenia without drugs and without doing any of the things his doctors told him to do! Even though he was admitted for many years into hospitals and even though he was treated for many years with drugs (medicine) and even electro-treatments, he was not getting better.

He did manage to become well only on his own and only after the stopped any treatment and any hospitalization! He retreated to a place where his eccentricity could pass unnoticed and therefore achieved what we all miss in life: peace. After that, it was a matter of time to impose himself onto… himself and get well!! His accomplishment was so incredible that the people who made the related movie “A Beautiful Mind” inaccurately implied that he was taking some new atypical antipsychotics during this period! [1]

As he said “it’s just a question of living a quiet life”… And he was right!

His example is not the only one. Many years ago there were some legendary radically thinking psychiatrists like R.D. Laing and D.G. Cooper who back in 1960’s were curing psychopaths by simply letting the disease “burn itself out”. By just allowing madness to take its natural course in a pleasant environment, without intervention. Schitzophrenics like Ian Spurling (later became the costume designer of Freddie Mercury) and Mary Barnes (later becase known artist-panter) are two example [see Jon Ronson’s “The Psychopath Test” for more]… Of course one must note that such programs like the ones in the Oak Ridge hospital had major failures (which resulted in deaths) and what is written here does not imply that a solution has been found, but rather that science must search for different paths

Pharmaceutical companies should not rule science!

Science should not dogmatically believe in drugs and nothing more!

Thank you Nash!

THE OTHER SIDE: It is important to note the nature of what Nash did. He was cured, yes. On the other hand, what Nash managed to do is something we all do in some way every day. He decided to “superficially conform” – to behave normally or to experience “enforced rationality”, as he stated in his autobiography. Isn’t that what we all do, when we conform with the standards our society sets? Isn’t that what we all do when we comply to the “rationality rules” that the majority has instilled into every aspect of our life? Is that “curing”? Or just compromising?

THE CONSPIRACY SIDE: The fact that Nash was arrested (!!!) when he tried to go to Europe, so as to be forced to go to a hospital in US again points to the direction of weird scenarios that only a good cospiracy theorist could dream of. Why would the US government go into such a trouble just to “cure” an ill man? Let us stick to the “official” story for now. Let’s not become paranoid… Or should we? 🙂

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