What scientists thought was a planet beyond our solar system has ‘vanished.’ Though this happens to sci-fi worlds, scientists seek a more plausible explanation. One interpretation: instead of a planet, it could be a dust cloud produced by two large bodies colliding. (1)

Ghost planets.

One day there.

One day gone.

Don’t be impressed.

You are also gone.

1,000,000 years from now.

You are not here.

This future will not come.

It has come already.

You are a ghost from the future.

A relic of the past.

Bright specks of existence.

On the void of Being.

Floating in nothingness…


Do you sense someone looking at you?

(Can you see what you don’t see?)

Die. It is for my own good.

Some worms are genetically predisposed to die before reaching old age, which appears to benefit the colony by reducing food demand, finds a new study. (1)


For the sake of others.

Why don’t you die?

Do you wish to live?

Unknown darkness.

Dictating light.

Unknown terror.

Dictating pleasure.

Petty humans.


For the sake of others…

I don’t want to be 8…

A child crying…

Because her birthday is coming…

And she does not want to become 9…

She wants to stay 8 for ever…

Oh, dear child.

Listen to me.

You will be a child for ever.

As your mom and me.

Don’t be fooled by the aging skin.

Or the tired eyes.

Inside the soul, we are still a kid.




Being sad.

As that first time I came to Be…

What is life?

If not a constant journey to death?

We try not to think of death much.

But tell me.

During a trip.

Do you ever think of your destination?

Or of where you started the journey instead?

(What is wrong?)

Is it me?

Or the thing that I believe?

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