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  • Give care. Give love. For ever…

    Robbie Pinter’s 21-year-old son, Nicholas, is upset again. He yells. He obsesses about something that can’t be changed. Even good news may throw him off. So Dr. Pinter breathes deeply, as she was taught, focusing on each intake and release. She talks herself through the crisis, reminding herself that this is how Nicholas copes with […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 4)

    What is Death? (Attempt 4)

    I sit in the café. Thinking about doing thing. Even when I do nothing. I always think of doing things. And the more things I do. The more I need to do as well. Oh, I am tired. Sitting down alone now. Waiting for everything to end. Doing nothing. Oh, now I understand what death […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 2)

    What is Death? (Attempt 2)

    I was swimming the other day. And when I submerged my head under the water… Right below the blistering sun. I felt it. I heard nothing. I sensed nothing. But me. And while I floated on the water. Everything was clear. Only nothingness exists. And we foolo our selves that things do exist. By interpreting […]

  • Four coincidences that show there is more in life than what we see… (?)

    Four coincidences that show there is more in life than what we see… (?)

    Four weird coincidences showing that there could be more than meets the eye…

  • Self-assembling


    Chemists have created a new material that self-assembles into 2D networks in a predictable and reproducible manner. They have successfully synthesized a complex material by design — paving the way for its suite of new properties to be applied in many fields. (1) Self-assembling materials… Self-assembling continents… Self-assembling planets… Self-assembling stars… Look everything from above […]