Mandelbrot coffee…

Nature keeps on repeating itself.

And fractals are one of the best ways of showing that.

In the nothing I made coffee. And the shapes developed on its surface were very much like the Mandelbrot shape one can see in almost all the chaos theory textbooks.

Take a look…

What does that mean? I don’t know.

But for some reason it was interesting to me and I had the urge to share it.

And now that I’m thinking about it, in its simplicity and lack of meaning or purpose, perhaps this is one of thr most philosophical posts I ever made…

Nothing to explain…

Nothing to say…

But a cup of coffee…

In a day that has passed away…

Colour. And shape…

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

There are hundreds of thousands of distinct colors and shapes that a person can distinguish visually, but how does the brain process all of this information? Scientists previously believed that the visual system initially encodes shape and color with different sets of neurons and then combines them much later. But a new study from Salk researchers, published in Science on June 27, 2019, shows that there are neurons that respond selectively to particular combinations of color and shape. (1)

Looking red. Grapes.

No, I mean strawberries.

Looking yellow. Sea.

No, I mean the sun!

Looking black. Day.

No, I mean the night…

Watch out. The cosmos gives hints on what you see. But the only way to see them is not to look. Take a stand. Dance during noon. Sleep during the day. There is shape in colors. There are colors in shapes. But only because there are no shapes. Only because there are no colors! Potential implies absurdity. Possibility implies fallacy.

The essential things of this cosmos cannot be something else.

Pay attention!

Nature likes playing.

The true meaning of life like not in things which can be not.

See what cannot be combined with anything and you will see what makes combinations of any sort possible. Whatever is not there, will show everywhere. Whatever cannot be, will manifest in any possible way. Ghosts shown in multiple combinations. While true darkness is watching silently from aside.. Look at what you can’t see. Close your eyes. Feel what you know. Imagine it. In the dark corner of the cave. There. Untouched. Unspoken. Non-existent.. And yet, it is there. Can’t you see?. It can never have a shape or color…

Shape and color exist because of it!

Past & Future… The link we do not see…

Photo by Cole Keister from Pexels

Ancient rocks provide clues to Earth’s early history: A research team has provided compelling evidence for significant ocean oxygenation before the GOE, on a larger scale and to greater depths than previously recognized. (1)

Looking for the past in rocks. Because we see the history as something solid. Written on stone. Fooled by the phenomena we are. Looking at the surface instead of the essence of things. Everything is interconnected. The past is as volatile as the future. There was a story once, of a Chinese high-ranking official who wanted to be an emperor. He never made it. It is said, that he did not make it because if he did, he would perform atrocious crimes as an emperor in the future. And his future came back to haunt his past. Funny story. As funny as the idea of someone affecting the future, but not being able to affect the past…

Look at you in the mirror.

Do you feel blessed? Do you feel haunted?

Are you that person you were ten years ago?

Look again at the mirror.

Ten years ago.

Did you feel you?

Did you remember yourself?

Draw… you.

Photo by luiisrtz from Pexels

It’s the archetypal child’s drawing – family, pet, maybe a house and garden, and the child themselves. Yet, how do children represent themselves in their drawings, and does this representation alter according to who will look at the picture? A research found that children’s expressive drawings of themselves vary according to the authority of and familiarity with the adult who will view the picture. (1)

Drawing the cosmos.

Drawing your mother.

Drawing your father.

But do you know… you?

The hardest things to draw are the ones we know the most. Because the essence of things lies not on the outside. But on the things which are left unseen. Any line on paper will not reveal more about who you are. But it will obscure the true self that lies beneath the veil of existence.

Blank paper.

A tear staining the white surface.

Empty circles.

Can you smile?

Can you see the cosmos behind the lines?

Touching. Something you can never do…

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels


The most essential of the senses.

We touch to see.

We touch to feel.

We touch to know.

We touch to love.

And yet…

What do we touch but mere boundaries?

Limits of things, the touch of which tells us nothing.

That table.

It is more than its outer boundaries.

It is a place to eat. A place to place your diary. A place to study and a place to write your inner thoughts.

That chair.

It is a thing to sit on. To ponder. To think. To not think…

That hand…

Touch it.

Does it tell you anything for the person?

Does touching speak to you of essence?

Petty man.

Always looking into the horizon for answers.

Always looking away for the key to the cosmos.

And yet…

All you had to do was to touch your self.

Without touching anything…

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