From electrons to photons. From photons to electrons…

The quantum computer of the future will be able to carry out computations far beyond the capacity of today’s computers. Quantum superpositions and entanglement of quantum bits (qubits) make it possible to perform parallel computations.

Making useful computations requires large numbers of qubits and it is this upscaling to large numbers that is providing a challenge worldwide. “To use a lot of qubits at the same time, they need to be connected to each other; there needs to be good communication”, explains researcher Nodar Samkharadze. At present the electrons that are captured as qubits in silicon can only make direct contact with their immediate neighbors. That makes it tricky to scale up to large numbers of qubits.

Some quantum systems use photons for long-distance interactions. Delft scientists have shown that a single electron spin and a single photon can be coupled on a silicon chip. This coupling makes it possible in principle to transfer quantum information between a spin and a photon. This is important to connect distant quantum bits on a silicon chip, thereby paving the way to upscaling quantum bits on silicon chips. (1)

Once the cosmos just was. In the beginning there was darkness.

And then came light. Making things visible. Splitting the cosmos into multiple pieces. A cosmos seemingly full of antinomies. And yet still solid and consistent as that first dark night…

Now we transfer the cosmos back into the light. A light which will interfere with itself. Only to show that the zillions of possibilities exist at the same time.

Some time ago, the cosmos was born into light.

But the light will fade away.

One electron at a time…

The pieces are going to disappear.

One interaction at a time…

The universe is going to die.

And only then, will we see that it was never born…

Freedom of choice? Causality. Being “free” via slavery to the “laws”…

Professor Ted Honderich in his book On Determinism and Freedom (2005) argues that the notion of free will that lies behind all talk of choices and responsibility is incoherent, and cannot be assimilated to the account of physical reality the sciences have arrived at. In particular, Honderich objects to the notion of origination: that is, to the claim that an action can originate from a deliberate, conscious choice without prior physical cause. He argues that any decision is instead in reality an event or series of events in the neural pathways of one’s brain, and that all such events are embedded within physical causal sequences. (1)

We are free.
We are enslaved to the laws of physics.
We formulate the laws of physics. (observer/ quantum mechanics)

We are gods.

And we are bound by the laws we create.

Simply accept the antiphasis.
And the antiphasis will be no more…

Multiple Personalities Disorder, fake psychiatry, real conflicts, Life…

Multiple Personality Disorder is fake. At the height of the most recent fad in the ’90s, it seemed that every third or fourth patient was presenting with a long list of newly developed multiple personalities. The modal number of personalities per patient started multiplying exponentially from just two to 16. Αn iatrogenically inspired diagnosis inappropriately inflicted on vulnerable patients by the poorly trained therapists who came away from their silly weekend workshops armed with an MPD hammer that seemed to fit every patient nail. (1)

Do you have conflicting emotions? Conflicting thoughts? Well, you have MPD! Simple huh? As simple as saying “I am a lousy doctor bored to death to really help you and eager to make some money”. The only way for someone to control your mind, is to GIVE AWAY that control yourself!

Do not afraid of conflicts in your thought!

Do not afraid of conflicts in your emotions!

Life is full of conflicts! Life is full of antinomies! Accept them! They are part of life! Only through the antinomies and the conflicts can we find the One behind everything!

PS. And for the sake of knowing, MPD declined as a diagnosed disease only after insurance companies stopped paying for its treatment!!!

PS2. Search for similar cases of industry-determined illnesses. Do you know who defines what cholesterol levels are considered “normal”?

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