Italy, coronavirus, saving the younger ones: Civilization dying.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it is reported that in Italy there is a shortage in medical supplies and doctors are now making choices about who to save and who to leave unattended to die. There are reports that the selection doctors make are in favor of the younger ones. (Source)

If this is the case, then we are dealing with something worse than the death of some people. We are dealing with the death of civilization per se.

Because there is nothing worse than arrogance. Arrogance that man can ride at the level of God and play God’s role. Arrogance that someone can decide who lives and who dies.

It is such arrogance that made crimes as the Holocaust possible. Don’t be fooled. The devil always comes disguised as an angel.

Sure, there is logic in selecting the younger ones for survival. But a wrong logic altogether. What if that young person is someone terrible who commits crimes? What if the older person who is left to die is an honorable person who had devoted his life to saving others? What if that younger person you saved went on to rape children? What if that old person you killed was an experienced heart surgeon who was going to save the life of a prime minister who would in turn save the world from the next world war? What if that older person was you?

Any logic applied in selecting who lives and who dies, at the end, promotes death. Not life. Death of the ones not selected. Death of a civilization that once upon a time called for saving the weak not because they could survive, but especially because they couldn’t!

Look around.

And in the faces of the people you will not see men and women dying.

But a whole civilization crying…

PS 1. But what should we do? could someone still ask. Shouldn’t we decide something? The answer is simple and already given: we should do nothing! In the case of such life or death dilemmas men should not decide! We cannot play God. Treat people with a “first come first served” priority (and no, no two people arrive simultaneously, simultaneous events do not exist even in theoretical physics). So simple. So “irrational” with regards to our death-loving distorted logic. These dilemmas have been solved a long time ago in modern European law tradition. We are here not to play the role of fate. We are here to suffer it.

PS 2. Yes, you guessed correctly. There is no “trolley problem” as such. In such cases, one should not do anything, i.e. one should not try to play God. The solution to such infamous problems is that you try for the best, without playing the role of fate as we so much like to do these days…

Seeing through walls. Casting out the abyss.

X-ray vision has long seemed like a far-fetched sci-fi fantasy, but over the last decade a team led by Professor Dina Katabi from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has continually gotten us closer to seeing through walls. (1)

Our modern miracles are so dull.

We make things which can see through walls.

And then we celebrate that they can… see through walls.

Unable to see that the miracle is not to see things.

But to stand still. And accept their existence.

An abyss lies behind the wall.

Unable to see it.

You are smiling.

Casting it out of existence.

Bringing it inside your very soul…

Feeling the rage of the waves. It is you who brought it here in the first place…

Being a psychopath. “Saving” people?

New research shows that people would sacrifice one person to save a larger group of people – and in addition, the force with which they carry out these actions could be predicted by psychopathic traits.

The study, led by the University of Plymouth, compared what people ‘said’ they would do with what they actually ‘did’ by comparing a questionnaire with actions in immersive moral dilemmas created using virtual-haptic technologies (i.e. using a robotic device which measures force, resistance, and speed, whilst simulating the action of harming a human).

In several dilemmas, participants had to decide whether to sacrifice a person by performing a harmful action against them, in order to save a larger group of people.

While all individuals were more likely to sacrifice others in these immersive environments than in questionnaire-based assessments, people with strong psychopathic traits were more likely to generate these harmful actions with greater physical power. (1)

People tend to believe they are gods today. Gods able to decide who can live and who will die. But everyone dies. God is not God because He can save some from death. But because he can love them even though they do die. As bodies and as souls. God is there not to kill a person in order to save many.

It takes the devil to decide to act…

It takes a devil to do something and save someone…

Because most of the times you will kill another person at the same time…

At the end, it takes a human not to act.

It takes a human to be God…

How to… do things. Why care? [The curse of doing something]

What a strange era we live in.

People keep on wandering how to do things…

How to make a good site.
How to get a good Alexa rank.
How to make meatballs.
How to buy a used car.
How to make money.
How to mine Bitcoins.
How to make babies.
How to kill babies. (a.k.a. “abortion”)
How to watch solar eclipse.
How to lose belly fat.
How to earn the lottery.
How to find free… you know what.
How to find true love.
How to start a new business.
How to promote your site.
How to train your dragon.

People engulfed in the everlasting Sisyphian effort of ‘doing something’. Not because they want to; most of them anyway despise doing what they do and that is why they so eagerly search for ways to do it. But because they are afraid of the alternative: Doing nothing. People wanting to do things only because doing nothing will let them alone with their most dreaded enemy: their self.

It is easy to always do something. You are occupied so much that you always keep the darkness away. You drift away from the abyss of your own consciousness by limiting your thoughts to the shallowness of existence. You don’t have to worry about the important thing except about what you are… doing.

That the dark secret of our modern times: We are all filling the basin of Danaides – judging those who don’t – but we never care to see whether the jar has any holes. And no matter how long we keep doing it and how little results we see, we keep on doing it mesmerized by the great story taught to us since we learnt how to walk: You must do something…

Let go. Try to just breath.
Look at the butterflies.
Stare at the raging ocean.

Try not to search for how to do something.
But try to remember how to do nothing.
You will discover that this is the hardest thing you ever did…

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