Scottish Independence: Buzz off William Wallace! We have… Cameron! Huh?!? [or “Why money cannot be the reason for independence”]


Scotland has voted against independence. (1)

Welcome to the new age of Money.

Where countries decide on their independence based on their economic prospects.

Where countries decide on their non-independence based on their economic prospects.

Where people do not have the sense of “nation” but have a strong sense of business.

There was a time when nations wanted to be independent EVEN THOUGH they knew their situation would be FAR worse in the beginning! (I suppose Greeks should not rise against the Turks in 1821 because in the beginning we really had huge economic problems, right?)

Now that time has passed.

Now you have to ask Moody’s and RBS first…

Well done Scots! You have shown your priorities. There you are in “union” with ANOTHER nation just because you want to keep your currency, your stability, your peace of mind.

I suppose William Wallace had his economic advisers give the “ok” before he started his campaign…

Fusion energy, Mickey Mouse, Tokamak…

‘The promise of fusion energy has temporarily bridged the wide gap that separates Democrats and Republicans on the science committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. But that meeting of minds wasn’t the only surprise to emerge from an oversight hearing Friday on the status of ITER, an experimental fusion reactor being built in France that has been plagued by rising costs and construction delays.

Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX), chair of the full committee, and Representative Eric Swalwell (D–CA), the top Democrat on the energy panel that conducted the hearing, have sparred repeatedly this year over a wide swath of pending legislation. But they were in the same corner in praising the massive international project to achieve sustained ignition of a burning plasma, the first step in building a commercial reactor to generate power. (1)

But are we ready for this?
Have you read Mickey Mouse? (2)
The most serious things are said with a joke…

We are not ready to be free.
We are not ready to be independent.
If we were, we wouldn’t be looking for ways to be free and independent.
We would already be…

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