Pioneers need no references!


A scientific paper on the aortic valve published on 1968. Had only one 500-years-old reference: Leonardo da Vinci who first explored the matter of how this valve worked. (1)

This is what today’s scientists will never understand: Pioneers do not need references.

Science: Work, luck and… well, nothing else!

In town this week to receive their awards, the winners of the most prestigious U.S. government prize for young scientists had some advice for anyone hoping to follow in their footsteps.

“Luck goes first,” said Andrew Goodman, an assistant professor of microbial pathogenesis at the Yale School of Medicine and a recipient of the National Institute of Health Director’s New Innovator Award.

Jonathan Pillow, an assistant professor of psychology and neurobiology at the University of Texas, Austin, said that “luck” includes “being at the right place at the right time” and benefiting from “whoever happens to be on the selection panel” when you go in for an interview.

Samantha Hansen, an assistant professor of geological sciences at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa who works in Antarctica, agreed that “luck has something to do with it. But we all work our tails off, too.” (1)

The essence of modern science.
A lot of work.
A lot of luck.
Zero imagination.
Zero intuition.
Zero true (non)thinking!

One of the highest of human activities (along with religion and philosophy), seen only as a… job.

How low can our thinking get?

phD – NOT a chance to be innovative!

Don’t be afraid to post what you think is correct. Unless it is for your phD… (1)

Because we demand from our phD students NOT to be original.

After your phD do whatever you wish… But FIRST, you will pass through the “initiation”. FIRST, you must obey…

Fucked up society. Fucked up science. Nietzsche rise. Rise from the grave and teach them a lesson!

Pears, atoms, new forces…

An international team of physicists has found the first direct evidence of pear shaped nuclei in exotic atoms. The findings could advance the search for a new fundamental force in nature that could explain why the Big Bang created more matter than antimatter — a pivotal imbalance in the history of everything. [1]


I for a moment thought that scientists will only keep discovering new particles to fill in the gaps as part of the “I cannot think of anything innovative” program.

Now at last we have new fundamental forces as well!

Long live stupidity! Long live loss of inspiration!

Thinking outside the box? Impossible!? Pass me that sea horse…

The tail of a seahorse can be compressed to about half its size before permanent damage occurs, engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have found. The tail’s exceptional flexibility is due to its structure, made up of bony, armored plates, which slide past each other. Researchers are hoping to use a similar structure to create a flexible robotic arm. [1]

A new digital camera is inspired by bugs. Inspired by the compound eyes of certain ants, beetles and flies, engineers have developed a digital camera that, thanks to 180 tiny lenses, is capable of panoramic views. [2]

It makes you wonder. If our best technology “innovations” are copies of nature’s designs, how “free” is our thinking? Are we destined to be slaves to our environment? Or could we achieve something more?

Thinking out of the box is very difficult.

Especially if you have lived all your life inside that box…

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