Weak. Strong. A weird relationship… (Yes, the weak control the strong)

A new study reports that researchers have demonstrated a way to control light with light using one third – in some cases, even less – of the energy typically required. The advancement, coupled with other developments, could ultimately lead to more powerful, energy-efficient computer chips and other optics-based technologies.

“Typically, symmetry connotes harmony and beauty. But not in this case. We’ve developed technology – an asymmetric metawaveguide – that enables a weak control laser beam to manipulate a much more intense laser signal”, says Liang Feng, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University at Buffalo’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the study’s lead author.

The study – “Metawaveguide for Asymmetric Interferometric Light-Light Switching” – was published on October 31, 2016 in the journal Physical Review Letters. It was co-authored by researchers at California Institute of Technology and the City University of New York. (1)

The weak controlling the strong.

This has always been true.

Especially in humans.

Watch those shouting fiercely…

They are afraid…

And they shout it at you for you to help them…

Watch those shouting fiercely…


Love is the power moving the world.

And people shouting fear love.

Know thyself. You are powerful. All you need to do is let go.

And love.

The weak controlling the strong. Their weakness is their strength…

Selling paint, selling lead, selling “civilization”…

Rich countries banned deadly lead pigments years ago. However western “civilized” and “ecological” countries still export 28,000 tonnes a year to poorer countries. [1] You see, there is no law for killing people from paint there…

As the article characteristically points out, in 1786 Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to a friend on the hazards of lead exposure and asked “When will we ever learn?”. It seems we may have to poison yet another generation before we do…

Fuck the juridical system! U-S-A !!!

Arrersting without telling his rights. Senators asking for trial under the “military law” so that he does not even have rights (why waste money on Guantanamo if we are not using it?). Authorities already suspecting “Russian training”. And of course, everything done over an American citizen who is accidentally injured to the throat and tongue so that he cannot talk. (1, 2)

Is it a movie?

Is it a novel?

Nooooo!!! It is… U.S.A. !!!

Go go go!!!!

U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!!

Fuck Iran! Fuck Korea! Fuck EVERYBODY!!!

Becaaaaauuuusseeeeeee… we are U.S.A. !!!

The land of no rights.

The land of minors with guns (but no alcohol).

The land where No Laws is the law.

When will the responsibles of the non-killing of that suspect be held accountable? We cannot have terrorist suspects alive, thus having authorities pass all this stressful process. COME ON GUYS!

Now that I think of it better, who the fuck thought of that “juridical system” anyway? Why have such? Can’t we solve our problems with guns as any civilized cowboy? Why even have such a system when you have… POWER?!?!?


There have been other empires before USA. And there will be many more after it. The Greek Byzantium did not last 1,100 years by trespassing the rights of everyone when it wished so. If USA does not understand that being a superpower makes her have super-responsibilities as well, there will come a time when someone else will have more power and impose his own “justice” to her. And then it would be too damn late to ask for… Justice…


Excuse me.

Can we have the juridical system back?

Weak, Strong, Seals, Sharks, Marlins

We seem to have specific opinions on who is strong and who is weak.

Sharks for example are strong. They hunt other fish.

And humans are strong. They hunt fish. Like Marlins.

But things can be different.

Shark can be eaten by… seals! [1]

And sometimes the fish might sink the boat… [2]

Next time you think you are on the “weak” side, think again.

At the end, everything is a matter of perception.

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