Black holes. Magnetism. Fields.


A new study of supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies has found magnetic fields play an impressive role in the systems’ dynamics. In fact, in dozens of black holes surveyed, the magnetic field strength matched the force produced by the black holes’ powerful gravitational pull. (1)

Magnetic fields seem to be everywhere.

It reminds me of a “crazy scientist” no one believe in some time ago.

Look closely. Are magnetic fields there? Is gravity there? Or could it be that everything are just ideas dancing inside your brain?

The world is as it is. We only try to make sense of it. Empty your brain. The world is still there…

Light with mass, definitions, “true”, “real”…

Light with mass. Particles with negative mass.

Things defined, can change meaning in an instant.

But even though definitions are subjective, in one way or another we can make them really work. (1)

So elusive and yet so real. Makes you wonder. Can EVERYTHING be true and “real”?

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