Autism, electrodes, love and Science off track…


A simple brain trace can identify autism in children as young as two years old, scientists believe. A US team at Boston Children’s Hospital say EEG traces, which record electrical brain activity using scalp electrodes, could offer a diagnostic test for this complex condition [source 1=”<a” href=”; 2=”target="_blank">BBC” 3=”News</a>” language=”:”][/source].

If only the early detection was the problem for all human kind problems. Materialism and the mechanistic view of humans has made us lose sight of the truly important things. Children with autism need more care, more love, more human contact. They do not need sterilized electrodes reading their brain…

And needless to say that it is almost certain that when detection gives scientists the opportunity to detect autism before birth, then new murders of embryos will begin in the name of “evolution” and “civilization”…

Science has lost its track once more…

Why society NEEDS to tag murderers “insane” – The Breivik case


Anders Behring Breivik’s defence have told his trial he should be considered sane. Lawyer Geir Lippestad told the court in Norway his client had been driven by extreme politics, while on the same trial the prosecution has called for Breivik to be considered insane [1].

Is that really happening? What is the matter with “progressed” societies? Foucault would be turning over in his grave with this. Insanity as a tool of society to impose rules and codes of conduct…

The dream of every murderer is to be characterized as “insane” so as to be better off with the sentence. However modern Norway cannot let that happen! If you do something different in the “paradise” called Norway, you have no other choice but to “be” insane! Illogical! Out of your mind! It does not matter that naming you insane will lead you better off to a nice psychiatric resort instead of a prison. It does not even matter that you yourself claim that you are perfectly sane and have deliberately planned what you did months before.

Because we cannot handle exceptions to our nicely formed rules, we are too eager to tag anything irregular as “insane”. Breivik cannot have really thought of what he did. He cannot have really wanted to do what he did.

You MUST be insane!

So that all the others can remain “sane”…

Read more for the role of psychiatry in modern society at the “The Dictatorship of the science of Psychiatry” article.

Modern doctors & the Hypocrisy of health…


Oxford researchers published a research on Lancet which says the NHS should consider giving statins to healthy people, so as to decrease the risk of heart attacks [source 1=”<a” href=”; 2=”target="_blank">BBC” 3=”News</a>” language=”:”][/source].

There you go.

It is really weird how many scientism-lovers believe that medicine and technology gives them a better life, while many times the same things actually drive you towards not-living…

Healthy or not healthy, it matters not. Get more drugs! This is the modern way of medicine: with the pretext of “health”, live a life like being ill…

Against alternative medicine… But why?


Many times we read articles about doctors critisizing “alternative medicine”. However what we do not understand is that the very characterization of a practice as “alternative” automatically places it in this special place in our brain where we have put all the things which are interesting but “wrong”. Why would you say that something, anything, is “alternative” ? Does this mean that something else is mainstream? Does this mean that we imply that the “mainstream” is correct while the “alternative” is (most probably, but who would dare to double-ckeck it anyway?) wrong? And who defines the alternative? Would you ever trust something you read? Would you trust something that others claim as true? Would you trust the 100-year old science of the West? Would you trust better the 3,000-years old traditional “alternative” method of acupuncture?

Or maybe the above hard questions can be summed up in one simple one:

Would you just stop labeling things?

I am fat. Its my genes’ fault!


A new research [1, 2] found that a specific gene is responsible for people eating too much and, thus, getting fatter. Welcome to the era of irresponsibility! I eat, but I am not responsible for that. Bad genes!