Stereotyping. Not us?

Recent studies into how human beings think about members of other social groups reveal that biases sometimes operate beyond our conscious control. Called implicit bias, the tendency to be suspicious of people we perceive as strangers or “not like us” probably evolved early in our ancestry, when small groups of humans competed against each other for precious resources like food and water. Today, our brains’ inherent tendency to stereotype can result in discrimination, injustice and conflict. (1)

It all started with an unconscious reaction.

Which then became a conscious action.

At the end, it is conscious reaction which will save us again.

Leading back at an unconscious state of action…

You did dream of that river.

But you decided to wake up.

Now you must go to sleep again.

And let go.

For the river to drag you into nothingness…

Arousal. Awareness. Consciousness?

Scientists found a connection between the brainstem region involved in arousal and regions involved in awareness, two prerequisites for consciousness. (1)

We firmly believe that consciousness is being awake and aware. We believe we are more conscious when we are more arouse, part of the cosmos, doing things, thinking, speaking, running.

But we have been misled. And now we have treaded the wrong path for so long that there is no turning back.

Lost. Walking on thin ice.

Soon the ice will break.

And we will die. In a cold abyss.

We will find our self there.

Cold and unconscious.

Senseless and full of awareness.

Keeping the ice under our feet…

Experience the unexperienced. Dream reality…

Researchers found a way to make you experience lucid dreaming (a state where you are aware that you are dreaming and can consciously alter your dream and control your experience in it) by electrically stimulating the brain during sleep. (1)

Oh how void we really are.

How arrogant and shallow at the same time.

Our mania to control things will be our undoing…

We have the best thing in the world…

A portal to the world of consciousness.

A gateway to the unknown pure world of “Being”…

And we want to “control” it.

We choose to shut it down.

Dream of nothing.

Be everything.

Closed eyes.


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