Sexism. Politically correctness. Obstacles to science.


The latest neuroscience study of sex differences to hit the popular press has inspired some familiar headlines. The Independent, for example, proclaims that:

The hardwired difference between male and female brains could explain why men are “better at map reading” (And why women are “better at remembering a conversation”).

The study in question, published in PNAS, used a technology called diffusion tensor imaging to model the structural connectivity of the brains of nearly a thousand young people, ranging in age from eight to 22.

It reports greater connectivity within the hemispheres in males, but greater connectivity between the hemispheres in females. These findings, the authors conclude in their scientific paper, suggest that male brains are structured to facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action, whereas female brains are designed to facilitate communication between analytic and intuitive processing modes.

The research came under a lot of criticism, implying that sexism is underlying its conclusions. (1)

Why should men and women be the same? Why should we always take care of the politically correct? Society oppression of the stupid majority is huge. When a stupid idea gets into the mind of the (STUPID) many, then the harm cannot be undone.

We are not allowed to think of anything beyond what the stupid majority thinks. Sexism is bad. Imposing the stupid idea that everyone is the SAME is even worst! At least this is what my stupid male mind says…

Children, rocks, autism, death, civilization…

Autism may be detectable in baby’s first months of life. (1)

And there is recently a debate on whether children should have the right to die. (2)

If you ask me, I believe we actually want US to get the right to KILL our children. And why not after all? Doesn’t science tells us that we are just… “complicated rocks”?

Something is terribly wrong with our civilization. And we are far far away from even noticing it.

Evil Sweden strikes back… (or: How to sterilize “inferior” people)

Sweden had (from 1920s to 1970s) the best eugenics program in the world (i.e. compulsory sterilization of metally diseased, inferior and/ or “impure” citizens et cetera). They even “taught” Hitler, who actually asked for a copy of their eugenics law for his Reich…

Even though many other states had similar eugenica programs (including USA, Switzerland, Denmark etc) Sweden surpassed them all in duration and “quality”. But we shouldn’t be surprised. All these should be obvious, given that Sweden is the most “civilized” state in the world, a role model to which all western countries look up to.

Of course things are better now. Crude eugenics have stopped in order to be replaced with more… noble ones. For example people who wish to change their gender in Sweden (who is advertised as “gay friendly”) must get a divorce and be sterilized in order to be allowed to do so (see here).

The Devil always wears the best suit… Go go Sweden!

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PS. And no, this is not the fault of “science”! Unless you believe that the crusades are a fault of religion. But then again, this IS the fault of scientists!


Below you can find a collection of eugenics-related posters or related photos. Not forgetting the past is crucial for our progress as human beings…

Being good means being active. Society went the wrong way because many “decent” people just “did nothing” as some of their fellow humans were suffering. It is not just Hitler who was the bad guy. Sometimes it looks like Hitler was just a patsy for all other “civilized” countries to hide behind…

Open your eyes.

Gang rapping: A “priviledge” of G20…

Another woman – this time a tourist from Switzerland – was raped in India.

The woman was camping with her husband at a village in Datia district on Friday during a cycling trip when they were attacked by seven or eight men.

The assailants overpowered the husband before gang-raping his wife. [1]

You see, it does not matter that India has no sewage, that it has no hygiene whatsoever, that it has everyday rapes, that whole segments of their population is considered inferior just because “tradition” says so. All that matters is that it is big and it has money. This earned her a place in the prestigious G20 and the right to be called “civilized”…

Do not misunderstand me. I am not trying to condemn a whole nation. Surely all states have problems. Greece has also some. But I do not see any of the “great” politicians of the western world critisize India for any of the abovementioned issues. Because when it comes to money, everything else is not important. And I cannot stand having my country fucked every single day by all “civilized” nations because GDP is 2% lower than expected and not see ANYONE say something about these things to the all-mighty-powerfull-all-is-well India. It seems that besides back office operations and delivery, we have also outsourced “civilization” to India.

Fucking stupid world. Fuck you “world”!

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