The last farewel to his family was a very moving moment for Louis XVI, the last King of France.

At least now we have democracy.

And now we can sit comfortable at our sofa and watch wannabe models crying got seeing their relatives whom they haven’t seen for one week…

No, this is not a post in favor or against any political system.

It is a post against the degradation of our civilization to the point of ridiculousness.

Yes, that would be something to cry for.

DC vs. Marvel: A battle already won (thus, lost). [Losing money in an era of profits]

DC will soon be releasing The Jocker.

A film which had already won prestigious awards and which is destined to rule the Oscars. But why is that film successful, in comparison to other DC films?

The answer is simple: because in this film, DC is itself and does not pretend to be something else that what it is. And the same applies to all other successful films of DC, like The Dark Knight, Watchmen, V for Vendetta etc. In these films DC does not try to imitate Marvel and, thus, successfully reflects the only thing which ever matters: itself.

At the end everything fake dies. (Wait! We die too!) Everything true stays for ever.

In an era of existence, can you dare not reflect yourself? In an era of marketing, do you dare not to sell? DC keeps on trying to follow the path of others because it thinks it must. And yet, in an era of profits, success – true success – is measured by how much you can sustain loses. And still stay true to yourself.

The Watchmen are dead now.

V as well.

At the end DC will manage to sell more.

And the Jocker will laugh.

But no one will see that he is truly crying…

Game of Thrones – An example of voidness.

Game of Thrones. The new fashion in TV and entertainment.

A story so blatantly void of meaning that it needs hundreds of characters to make you feel that you are seeing “something”.

And sometimes just kill the half [1] in order to make more… fuss about the series and gain some more viewers.

The era where plot was everything for the movies is long gone. Who would understand the plot anyway? Just have 241 people killing each other and there you go! Gone with the Wind…

The German Who Didn’t Give a Fuck

Ever thought of what might happen to you if you cross by a bunch of fans of Barcelona, while wearing a Real Madrid outfit?

Our behaviour is almost constantly DEFINED by what the “others” do. This is how masses work. And if you are a clever individual who does not want to go with the current, then the BEST thing you can do is… stay low.


A lunimous example of bravery or simply “I don’t give a fuck” attitude can enlighten us in the way to social responsibility.

His name was August Landmesser.

He was a worker at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, during the “We all love the Nazis” era in Germany. At the launch of the naval training vessel Horst Wessel on 13 June 1936, a ceremony was held. A ceremony which was attended by Hitler himself.

During that ceremony everybody did their best to salute in the Nazi way, maybe out ot fear, maybe out of enthusiasm… (or maybe because they just really thought they were in the Roman arena with the gladiators) As you can see in the picture below, the crowd unanimously salutes the great Führer.

Pictures like this make it difficult for the rest of us to believe Germans did not want Hitler…



Look closer. At the man in the circle…

Yes. At a time when just looking the wrong way could result in your death, one person in this great crowd of Nazi fans is NOT saluting…

He is not only standing there not saluting. He is actually ACTIVELY saying to everyone else: I don’t give a fuck!

Hitler is here? So? (yawn)

Landmesser later on created problems to the regime by wanting to marry a Jewish woman. He did not survive the war. Nor did his wife.

It is behaviour like this which we need in society. In an era of mass culture, individual responsibility is what we lack the most. I would admit that I am indeed affected by others, although I try to limit that to the minimum.

Do you know if you would salute under the same circumstances?

One thing is for sure.

We need more Landmessers…

PS. The article was inspired by the post found here.

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