You would crucify Him.

Nowadays, all Christians are so … Christians that they don’t even think about the obvious.

That if we lived in a time when Christ appeared, we would crucify Him too.

Think. A dirty beggar without a second cloth to wear, coming to you to tell you to forget all your beliefs and abandon anything holy you hold in respect to follow him.

If you wouldn’t crusify Him with your vote, you would definitely crucify Him with your tolerance. And you would laugh as he ascended Golgotha. That is, if you happened to pass by and you hadn’t gone for coffee. And you would definitely change the channel at night if the news happened to mention the event, because at the same time Masterchef would start or you would have to write a very Christian post on Facebook.

Accept your fall.

It is the first step to rise.


The last farewel to his family was a very moving moment for Louis XVI, the last King of France.

At least now we have democracy.

And now we can sit comfortable at our sofa and watch wannabe models crying got seeing their relatives whom they haven’t seen for one week…

No, this is not a post in favor or against any political system.

It is a post against the degradation of our civilization to the point of ridiculousness.

Yes, that would be something to cry for.

Constant app updates: The futility of modern philosophy in practice…

You have encountered the problem: your mobile phone applications are constantly updated and this results in their size constantly growing.

Dozens of megabytes of updates swarm in your mobile phone every day to make your applications better, safer, more usable, more fun.

And no one has ever questioned the obvious: Couldn’t this be done via making the applications SMALLER?

We are so accustomed to the philosophy ‘Bigger the better’ that we cannot even think of such a possibility. For us it is obvious that any improvement results in a bigger application.

And yet, there are ways to improve an application while making it smaller. Removing obsolete parts and making source code more efficient are things which were in the mind of programmers some years ago.

But not anymore.

Why? The reason is simple!

Phones are getting more and more memory anyway, so why burden yourself with such worries? Just add things to the code without caring about performance or optimization of the code. The bigger phones will handle it anyway! And the users will be do happy to have applications with sizes in the hundreds of megabytes! Because they can?!

Once upon a time there were developers who cared about making efficient code. And these developers managed to write chess applications to run in just… 1 KB of memory!

Now we have notepad apps in the dozens of MB. And they are still getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Because stupid users generate the need for stupid developers.

Somehow we should not worry about anything of the above. Because we just get what we deserve.

One day though we will see that 1 KB chess program (search for MicroChess for this, also look for HUO CHESS, which I am constantly developing as the smaller open source code chess program and making it SMALLER in every version while increasing it’s capabilities). And we will be astonished. And…

Well, nothing.

We will just keep on playing with our mobile phone…

DC vs. Marvel: A battle already won (thus, lost). [Losing money in an era of profits]

DC will soon be releasing The Jocker.

A film which had already won prestigious awards and which is destined to rule the Oscars. But why is that film successful, in comparison to other DC films?

The answer is simple: because in this film, DC is itself and does not pretend to be something else that what it is. And the same applies to all other successful films of DC, like The Dark Knight, Watchmen, V for Vendetta etc. In these films DC does not try to imitate Marvel and, thus, successfully reflects the only thing which ever matters: itself.

At the end everything fake dies. (Wait! We die too!) Everything true stays for ever.

In an era of existence, can you dare not reflect yourself? In an era of marketing, do you dare not to sell? DC keeps on trying to follow the path of others because it thinks it must. And yet, in an era of profits, success – true success – is measured by how much you can sustain loses. And still stay true to yourself.

The Watchmen are dead now.

V as well.

At the end DC will manage to sell more.

And the Jocker will laugh.

But no one will see that he is truly crying…

The hypocrisy of crying for Notre Dame… (And the hypocrisy of modern atheistic world)

Notre Dame!

Burned to the ground.

But it matters not.

For it was burnt to the ground many many years ago.

Ever since when we stopped caring for religion. Ever since we stopped believing in God. Ever since we started visiting Notre Dame to see a monument and not to pray.

For this is what monuments do. From the Greek word “μνήμη”, denoting the function of the monument to sustain the memory of something.

And in this case the monument of Notre Dame sustained the memory of something long dead. God is no longer with us. We are gods in His place. And we do not need relics of the old religion.

Notre Dame on fire.

A real disaster.

Not for religion.

But for tourists.

We have stopped caring for the essence of things a long time now. And our lust for knowledge and art had made us dead.

Notre Dame is destroyed.

So sad. Such a great loss.

Not for religion.

But for the works of art…

Shallow world.


Even one true teardrop would suffice to take out the fire…

But there was no one crying…

How could they?

Can the blind weep for a good painting?

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