The Philosophy of (Greek) Frappé, Zen, non-thinking, living…


We humans are strange beings. We like living and yet we do everything we can to die. Taking things as they are, not thinking too much, just staying cool while the universe explodes besides you, could be part of a Zen teaching. But this is not a Zen teaching. This is the Frappe Philosophy. Many could be laughing at this article, but why would you laugh at someone who just wants to be happy? Life is not about Word, Excel, loans, statistics, economics, chemical compounds or politics. True life is about Being. And only while non-thinking has been embedded in your brain’s system can you actually get closer to what “Is” really is… Monks and mystics are doing this for thousands of years. You too can do it for a short period of time with a frappe coffee in your hand while besides a Greek beach. Sit, stir your frappe with the straw in small circles and stare at the sea… Do nothing. And you will understand that this is one of the best things you ever did…

This is how you should prepare a good frappe coffee (Gr. ΦΡΑΠΕΣ!):

  1. Put coffee and sugar in a shaker (1.5 small spoon of coffee and 2 small spoons of sugar will do for a medium-sweet coffee). Use INSTANT Greek nescafe.
  2. Put some water in the shaker. Not too much, not too little. The water should be about 3 fingers high in a small coffee shaker, just covering the coffee-sugar mix you inserted in the previous step. Practice makes perfect in that stage. You should have enough water so that adequate foam (Gr. ΑΦΡΟΣ!) is created in the next step.
  3. Shake. Shake. Shake! Shake it until adequate foam (of good uniform quality – beware of not shaking too much thus resulting in a “solid” foam) is created.
  4. Pour the foam/coffee created in a glass. Use a straight medium-tall glass (weird-shaped glasses disrupt the movement of the straw).
  5. Pour some more water in the shaker to acquire the last remnants of foam from the shaker into the glass.
  6. Put 2 (or 1 if it is winter time) ice cubes in the glass. The ice cubes help the foam to remain in good condition that will then support the circular motion of the straw. Too many icecubes result in bad (watery) foam and coffee quality.
  7. Put milk if you wish.
  8. Fill up with water until the glass is full.
  9. Go to relax. Move the straw in small circular motions while not-thinking…

Do not make the mistake of taking this post JUST as a funny article. If you have not ever thought of relaxing and doing nothing with a frappe in your hand, then you have not lived at all… Do not trust me. Check it out for your self.

Θες μια… ΦΡΑΠΑ;

Increase Alexa Rank for free…


Thought there is a magic recipe for increasing your Alexa or Google rank? Well, the bad thing about the truth is that most of the times it is unpleasant! And the truth is that in order to have better Alexa ranking, the only way to go is to have good content!

Some sites suggest ways to increase your rank by paying. But this is not only stupid and unethical, but also illegal especially when it comes to advertising gains. How much satisfaction would you get by paying your way to the top?!? On the other hand other sites suggest that you can increase your Alexa rank by putting into your site Alexa widgets. Again: simply stupid advise! How can a widget increase your ranking in search results. Yet again, many people fall into that trap and think there is an easy way to get better search ranking.

Todays era of “you can buy anything” has of course stiken Internet as well. Everyone thinks that there is an “easy way of doing anything”. But we should all make a stand against that philosophy: writting something on your own and caring for your blog is the way to go. Getting tired is the way to go! Putting effort and time into your site is the way to go! This is the ONLY way that would guarrantee you genuine self-satisfaction and genuine success! When you look yourself at the mirror you should be able to feel proud!

Stop looking for easy solutions!

Go ahead, as Hercules once did, into the difficult path…

The “winners” write the History of Philosophy…


When one reads philosophy, must always remember that the “winners” are the ones who actually write it. Once upon a time, there were discussion on whether the notion of “change” actually exists. Parmenides thought it did not. He lost. Now we all think as “obvious” that things change. Once upon a time Leibnitz talked about Monades (see picture). Now he is only remembered by the “official” mainstream science history for his mathematical discoveries (which are more or less not so annoying). Once upon a time Wittgenstein talked about the “purpose” of this world. Proponents of materialism used his works, distorted his sayings and now use his name to back up their teachings (it is characteristic that Wittgenstein never attended the meetings of the Vienna Cirlce, which based his entire philosophy on his works). Once upon a time people thought that the world could be as easily made up of matter only or of matter and something else as well. Modern-day materialism has crushed the latter into oblivion. And even though difficulties faced by the current dogmas (i.e. difficulties to explain the immaterial consciousness) sometimes tend to get us back to the drawing board, the “winners” are resisting fiercely. Once upon a time people started to think that there exists… “time”! Godel proved it does not. And this led to his isolation and aparent madness. Egoism does not let someone admit that he was wrong. Especially when he has based 2,000 years of covilization on that wrong…

So next time you read a Wikipedia article on what philosophy has to say about a specific subject, remember that what is thought as “right” now is not the only opinion out there (and not the most correct)… Always go back at the beginning and trace back the roots of every current dogma. Only in that way will you be sure you have a clear understanding of what is the case.