Epiphany! Science is just… story telling!

Scientists describing the process of having an epiphany (1).

A long article just describing processes. Without a hint on why this is happening. This is what science is today. Shallow storytelling. Just describing what happens, rather than actually analyzing why it does. Saying a lot, but actually saying nothing.

And there are people who are fascinated by that.

It could be funny if it wasn’t so much sad.

Storytelling used to be fascinating. Science used to be fascinating. It used to have a soul. Scientists used to try to read the mind of the Creator. Now they just try to read the mind of their sponsor.

We used to have Aristotle and Newton.

Now we have Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

We used to have Shakespeare and Homer.

Now we have Stephen King and Dan Brown…

νδρα μοι ννεπε, μοσα, πολτροπον,

ὃς μάλα πολλὰ πλάγχθη…

Giant atoms. The same as small atoms…

Scientists have proposed a new theory that combines some of the most mysterious phenomena in the Universe – black holes, gravitational waves, and axions – to solve one of the most confounding problems in modern physics. And it’s got experts in the field very excited.

The theory, which imagines a Universe filled with colossal ‘gravitational atoms’ that are capable of producing vast clouds of dark matter, predicts that it could be possible to detect entirely new kinds of particles using a giant gravitational wave detector called LIGO.

But what are axions? Well, they’re a bit tricky, because unlike black holes and gravitational waves, we’re not even sure if axions exist – and we’ve been searching for them for the past four decades.

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Higgs boson, lack of imagination, modern science.

The Higgs boson — a particle thought to explain how other particles get their mass — is tiny, but it may not be the tiniest particle yet. Theories have long predicted the existence of even smaller particles that might make up the Higgs, and recent research suggests these pip-squeaks, dubbed techni-quarks, are likely lurking in the universe. (1)

We insist on seeking smaller and smaller particles.
We purchase the vision of a man who wanted to be blind (Democritus).
But he had imagination.
We do not. We are just followers.

In an era of dullness, what is more logical than to dig deeper and deeper in the place you are stuck?

We are afraid to go anywhere beyond.
We are afraid to change place.
We like it here with our particles.
It is cozy…

And yes, we will continue “discovering” new particles for ever.

Because once you analyze something into parts, there is no way you can stop…

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