God is Dead. Along with some babies. The era of Enlightenment as an Era of Evil.

‘We promised our little boy every single day that we would take him home’, said the mother of little Charlie. We want to give him a bath at home, put him in a cot which he has never slept in but we are now being denied that. We know what day our son is going to die but don’t get a say in how that will happen’ [mother of Charlie – source]

An article written in the occasion of the Charlie Gard case…

The cosmos is an evil place.

This is the harsh reality today. And anyone not admitting it, is either lucky enough to have temporarily avoided that evil, stupid or part of that evil.

We live in the age of death. Not death in the sense of physically dying. This was always the case. And all we had to do was to accept it. But a spiritual death.

We are in the age of euthanasia justified by the notion of “human dignity”. As if all those people who die every passing minute have non. We live in the age of killing babies, where the murder is named “termination” and the “right to my body” is misinterpreted as a right to destroy another person into pieces and suck him into a vacuum only because you prefer drinking mojitos at Mykonos without anyone annoying you. We live in the age of childless leaders, who prefer to adopt dogs rather than human children who suffer. We live in the age of society destroying the notion of family, thus sentencing the souls of young child into a life of misery, just in order to be regarded as “progressive”. And this happens at the same time when pedophilia is starting to be considered acceptable in the name of the “enlightenment” of our “modern” society. We live in the age of hospitals and courts deciding who lives and who dies, all in the name of some nicely named “right”. We live in the era where people believe in science, which in turns believes humans as spiritual beings do not exist…

God is dead.

He used to Be among us. But we killed him.
Because we were part of Him as well.
And we could thus kill Him with our own actions if we wished so.

God is dead.

And no, this is not something to celebrate about.
Charlie is in his cot now. Don’t cry anymore…

The End Of Anonymity, by Sandra Bullock


Technology that matches faces to names can already single out criminals. What happens when it can identify anyone? (1)

An editor in a top science journal recently exposed the pen name of a blogger who criticized that journal. (2) She claims she is not afraid. (3) But even then, why did she use a pseudonym? Why did she even write in a false name in the first place?

People today like to hide their identity. We live in an era where personal data are sacred, where the law protects our privacy, where it seems good to write under a false name. “Human rights” they call them. But how humane can it be for me not to know anything about my next door neighboor? How “right” can it be to exchange arguments with someone on the Internet without knowing who he/she actually is?

Technology has given us the tools to hide from the world. The tools of a coward, who likes to refer to others by name but who prefers to hide his own. The tools of a lazy person who just does not want to carry the responsibility of his own opinion. Such ways were always possible, but the era of technology makes it so damn easy to be anonymous. The more we progress the more lazy – sorry I meant anonymous – we become. Responsibility is a heavy burden. Why carry it anyway?

Yours faithful,
Sandra Bullock

Misery in a toy…

A toy manufactured in China had a secret message hidden inside it, from a labor camps worker depicting the misery and agony of these people working under the Chinese regime oppression. (1)

Our happiness requires the misery of others.

Every time you want to make others happy, you must decrease your own happiness. This is what Christ did. This is what we cannot do.

Fuck the juridical system! U-S-A !!!

Arrersting without telling his rights. Senators asking for trial under the “military law” so that he does not even have rights (why waste money on Guantanamo if we are not using it?). Authorities already suspecting “Russian training”. And of course, everything done over an American citizen who is accidentally injured to the throat and tongue so that he cannot talk. (1, 2)

Is it a movie?

Is it a novel?

Nooooo!!! It is… U.S.A. !!!

Go go go!!!!

U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!!

Fuck Iran! Fuck Korea! Fuck EVERYBODY!!!

Becaaaaauuuusseeeeeee… we are U.S.A. !!!

The land of no rights.

The land of minors with guns (but no alcohol).

The land where No Laws is the law.

When will the responsibles of the non-killing of that suspect be held accountable? We cannot have terrorist suspects alive, thus having authorities pass all this stressful process. COME ON GUYS!

Now that I think of it better, who the fuck thought of that “juridical system” anyway? Why have such? Can’t we solve our problems with guns as any civilized cowboy? Why even have such a system when you have… POWER?!?!?


There have been other empires before USA. And there will be many more after it. The Greek Byzantium did not last 1,100 years by trespassing the rights of everyone when it wished so. If USA does not understand that being a superpower makes her have super-responsibilities as well, there will come a time when someone else will have more power and impose his own “justice” to her. And then it would be too damn late to ask for… Justice…


Excuse me.

Can we have the juridical system back?

Taliban, justice, ideals…

Taliban mobile courts are expanding in Karachi, thus leading to an increased influence of the Taliban in the commerce capital of Pakistan. As local state courts cannot fight corruption, more and more Karachi residents are choosing to bring their complaint to the Taliban. [1]

Western countries should soon realize a simple truth if they want to really stop Taliban from speading.

And that truth is that Justice is an ideal.

You do not care who provides it to you. You just want it.

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