WikiLeaks, war crimes, magic tricks…



Diplomatic US cables that leaked through WikiLeaks, reveal that the US judge who was head of the war crimes court for the former Yugoslavia, exercised pressure to his colleagues for the acquittal of senior officers. (1, 2)

The logic begind this was that a senior officer is not necessarily responsible for the wrongdoings of the people he commands.

US and Israel supported this phenomenally “weird” acquittal.

But not so “weird” if you consider the fact that US or Israeli army commander can someday come in front of this court. And they so much need a legal precedence which acquits them of any mistakes a “random soldier” might do…

This is handling justice at its best: When no one is looking…

Watch my hand. Watch closely…

Tataaa! The rabbit appears from iside the hat!

The closer you look, the less you see…

> Help translate the Harmonia Philosophica book in 6 new languages and get valuable perks in return! Support the Indiegogo project now!

The hypocrisy of philanthropy, the dark motives for charity, the evil in The Netherlands, etc.


> Help translate the Harmonia Philosophica book in 6 new languages and get valuable perks in return! Support the Indiegogo project now!

“We are not worried about the poor dog who is barking, as we are commanding its master to keep its leash tight or else” – Minister Ali Abdu

An atheist friend of mine finds it impossible to believe in God. And yet, he believes that The Netherlands altruistically donate billions of dollars to Africa without expecting anything in return! Just because they are… good people!


One cannot really believe how the nation…

  • …which initiated commerce (i.e. exploiting colonies and earn millions via slavery OR exploit poor people by making them pay interest) even against the dictation of the then Christian Church that this was a sin,
  • …which so eagerly sold out all the Jews in its territory to the Nazis (yes, the Dutch people helped immensly the Germans into taking them with trains)
  • …which denied Greece the help from IMF in case it did not pass harsh austerity measures which cost lives, while at the same time did not vote for similar measures when the time came (!) (1),

has suddenly gone “good” and is giving away… billions!


I am sorry to disappoint those who believe in the existence of an ideal world, where rich people simply care. This is a cruel world. And it is run by rich people. (this is so true that it is almost a tautology)

Charity and philanthropy to nations in Africa means…

1. Earning money: This is the simpler reason and the most obvious one. All people who offer charity earn a tax deduction. (2) The same applies for companies. The Dutch Tax Administration can declare an institution to be an “institution for general benefit” (algemeen nut beogende instelling, ANBI). Often this is a foundation, though not every foundation qualifies. It can also be a voluntary association (vereniging), but not e.g. a sport club, or association of personnel. Also it cannot
be a commercial institution. If in a calendar year the sum of someone’s gifts to ANBIs exceeds 1% of the threshold income, the excess, with a maximum of 10% of that income, is deductible income. Also an ANBI is exempted from inheritance tax and gift tax on inheritances and gifts it receives, except on those made under a
condition such that it is not for general benefit. (3)

2. Salon socialist agenda towards Social control: The point of salon socialists is not that they do not spend money charitably, but rather that they are too high to be actively involved in the class struggle. Charity is seen as a capitalist and conservative project, because it leaves the alleged social structures of hegemony intact, and would even reinforce them (by making the poor dependent on the rich). Charity also implies that mandatory taxation is not needed, or need not collect sufficient funds.

The alleged act of charity is a “rather effective instruments of social control,” to support the deserving poor. It amounts to paying off the poor to behave (“bad” countries like Greece do not deserve to be “saved”). Paul Langford makes a similar assertion about the later flowering of charity in England: the hospitals and foundling homes of the 18th century were “built on a foundation of bourgeois sentiment mixed with solid self-interest”. (4) Giving money to the poor for education also present another advantage: You can easily strip them off their civilization and install your own. No one in Africa even knew of McDonalds or cell phones. Now they all do. They are “educated”. (5)


3. Earn some more money (well, why stop?): The state gives “charity” to buy drugs, pharmaceutical companies sell drugs more expensive than in other markets (or even sell vaccines which are not used anywhere else – see here), the money comes “back” to the right hands… (7) Lobying is also in the agenda. A small charity to warn projects of millions is a very logical thing to do. (8) Non profit organizations are usually – surprise surprise! – PROFIT organizations! See here how a non-profit organization lobbies for new drug trials in India, resulting in dozens of deaths…

4. State control/ Spying: Last but not least, NGOs are the best way to infiltrate a foreign state with hundreds of “workers” and start applying your foregn policy. There is a reason why Russia and China do not accept any more NGOs in their soil… (9) Africa is a place with very much oil and natural resources. Some “aid workers” fit nicely in this environment…

Philanthropy is something to be conducted secretely. Not to be advertized. Be very suspicious with those who shout to the world about how much charity they do.

Stop believing.
Start questioning.

Oh and something else: The Dutch also kill newborns with disabilities. Does not fit here in this article, but it just popped into my mind. To fill in the picture soft of speak. (10)

Fuck the juridical system! U-S-A !!!


Arrersting without telling his rights. Senators asking for trial under the “military law” so that he does not even have rights (why waste money on Guantanamo if we are not using it?). Authorities already suspecting “Russian training”. And of course, everything done over an American citizen who is accidentally injured to the throat and tongue so that he cannot talk. (1, 2)

Is it a movie?

Is it a novel?

Nooooo!!! It is… U.S.A. !!!

Go go go!!!!

U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!! U – S – A !!!!!!

Fuck Iran! Fuck Korea! Fuck EVERYBODY!!!

Becaaaaauuuusseeeeeee… we are U.S.A. !!!

The land of no rights.

The land of minors with guns (but no alcohol).

The land where No Laws is the law.

When will the responsibles of the non-killing of that suspect be held accountable? We cannot have terrorist suspects alive, thus having authorities pass all this stressful process. COME ON GUYS!

Now that I think of it better, who the fuck thought of that “juridical system” anyway? Why have such? Can’t we solve our problems with guns as any civilized cowboy? Why even have such a system when you have… POWER?!?!?


There have been other empires before USA. And there will be many more after it. The Greek Byzantium did not last 1,100 years by trespassing the rights of everyone when it wished so. If USA does not understand that being a superpower makes her have super-responsibilities as well, there will come a time when someone else will have more power and impose his own “justice” to her. And then it would be too damn late to ask for… Justice…


Excuse me.

Can we have the juridical system back?

Gang rapping: A “priviledge” of G20…


Another woman – this time a tourist from Switzerland – was raped in India.

The woman was camping with her husband at a village in Datia district on Friday during a cycling trip when they were attacked by seven or eight men.

The assailants overpowered the husband before gang-raping his wife. [1]

You see, it does not matter that India has no sewage, that it has no hygiene whatsoever, that it has everyday rapes, that whole segments of their population is considered inferior just because “tradition” says so. All that matters is that it is big and it has money. This earned her a place in the prestigious G20 and the right to be called “civilized”…

Do not misunderstand me. I am not trying to condemn a whole nation. Surely all states have problems. Greece has also some. But I do not see any of the “great” politicians of the western world critisize India for any of the abovementioned issues. Because when it comes to money, everything else is not important. And I cannot stand having my country fucked every single day by all “civilized” nations because GDP is 2% lower than expected and not see ANYONE say something about these things to the all-mighty-powerfull-all-is-well India. It seems that besides back office operations and delivery, we have also outsourced “civilization” to India.

Fucking stupid world. Fuck you “world”!

Korea, crisis and why US is NOT like Rome…


The US and South Korea have begun annual military drills amid high tensions with North Korea in the wake of a UN sanctions vote. The US-South Korea joint drills, which are known as “Key Resolve”, last two weeks and involve more than 13,000 troops. Another joint exercise, known as Foal Eagle, has been under way since the beginning of March. Both exercises take place every year, usually prompting strong rhetoric from the North. [1]

USA is the worlds superpower. As Rome once was. With some key differences: US does not wish to install a “Pax Americana” as Roman did. US is not trying to build relations with the nations it destroys, like Rome did. US just goes in a place, bombs the hell out of it and then – after some years – goes away. Rome on the other hand tried to develop the cities it conquered, tried to pass on their civilization to the barbarians. They tried to educate them. And that – even though right and proper – was their demise.

Rome was based on might and civilization. US is based on might only. It seems that this is what the world needs. Your enemy will not understand you trying to make him better. He will attack you as soon as you lower your guard. This is what Rome did with Hadrian (Ανδριανός). And as soon as some legions were dispatched to deal with the Iran issue, German races almost immediately attacked the weakened spots in the borderline.

So a great dilemma arises…

Should the superpower try to dissipate knowledge to all other nations? Or should it keep secrets and technology to itself and rule with an iron fist?

The worst and – at the same time – the correct answer is the first…

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