Dialogi Aeterni

Dialogi Aeterni – Σχεδιάγραμμα

Goal: The goal of Dialogi Aeterni (Eternal Dialogues) is to provide the notion of irrationality as the solution to all problems of to-days philosophy. Multiple parallel stories unfold, giving light to various facets of the problems of the human intellect. Surreal and symbolic stories about ethics (Project D), about the place of Earth and humans in the cosmos (Project X), about the value of Silence as opposed to Logos and the value of ignorance as opposed to knowledge (Project I). Stories should not be read as a whole or in sequence. The only way of reading Dialogi Aeterni is by not reading it. The gist of the stories should reveal itself by the mere irrationality of the whole endeavor. Discard it. Burn it. Forget it. And what is left, will be the best chance your ever had to understand the cosmos…

[2021-08-20, 16:58, Athens, Greece]

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels


  • Project I – Seeking death under the irrational stars
  • Project D – A revolution of conformance
  • Project X – Moonlight under the Sun

(Handwritten parts of the stories will be posted here after review and censorship; some ideas should not yet be published)

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