Why communism (and modern capitalistic society) is against Christianity.

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Many people confuse things which should not be confused.

Many people believe the first Christians were communists.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Christians believe in the after life and despise property because they are not materialists. Communists are based on materialism, they are atheists and are against property only because they want property.

Many people believe modern capitalistic society is against communism.

Again, nothing could be further away from the truth.

Study those two society organization systems carefully and you will see that their foundations are essentially the same.

Both of them call for having zombie-citizens, who do not think on their own. Both systems call for doing something here and now, in this world: Communism calls for revolution and producing for the state, capitalism calls for buying things and producing even more. Both systems adhere to the dogma of materialism.

This makes them have another thing in common: A deep hostility to anything Christian!

You see, those believing in Christianity believe in a place far away from here. Christians tend to give little consideration to the earthly issues that matter to those who see only matter. On the other hand, all other systems of thought since the Renaissance had one thing in common: Viewing man as something outside of the cosmos. Seeing the cosmos as something different from us. Believing man is the center of everything. Envisioning man as destined to rule that cosmos. This lust for control has poisoned our thought for many aeons now. And due to that lust, both capitalism and communism are deeply anti-Christian in every sense of the word.

The hero of Marx was Prometheus.

The same hero we admire.

Marx wanted to change things.

Change is the god of modern society.

Do not be fooled by differences in the surface.

The ocean below both systems is the same.

Dark and evil. Void and full of nothingness.

Rome was threatened by Christians due to the same reasons. Having a set of citizens who didn’t believe in ‘earthly’ things was a danger to the greatest earthly empire in the world. Modern materialistic empires feel the same threat.

Modern Christians will meet their fate sooner or later.


But what the adversaries of Christianity do not understand.

Is that Christianity was BORN through death!

“Freedom” & Marxism: The threat to our civilization. Christianity: The cure.

Neo marxist ideology has for a long time conquered the West.

Even though we believe we won the Cold War, ideologically we lost.

The materialistic ideology of the atheistic USSR, based in part on the revolutionary liberal rhetoric of the age of revolutions which started with the French Revolution, has appealed to many people. More and more we hear every day about the “right” to kill (babies), about how we do not have free will but do whatever our genes tells us to do, about how the brain produces consciousness as it has been “proved” by science (it has not), about how religion is bad and against the human “right” to do whatever we please et cetera… The protest against some wrongdoings of the church (which are clearly surpassed by the benefits generated for society – see here or “religion” tagged articles in Harmonia Philosophica for more on that) has resulted in an ongoing hatred against anything christian.

The masses in the West have been absolutely mesmerized by this liberal communist materialistic ideology.

But why is that?

Well, the answer is simple and disappointing at the same time.

This all happens mainly and simply because people are stupid. Surprised? Well, perhaps you belong in these masses. Because the masses are never keen on knowing their history (and the history of science and humanism in Europe is Christian – see here). The masses were never able to apprehend philosophy, let alone understand the solution to philosophical problems so difficult that they eluded the wisdom of the greatest philosophers of all times for thousands of years. The masses are easily lured to believe things. Mix that with massive media propaganda in favor of a materialistic and more liberal point of view, you have an exploding mixture of ignorance and pure hatred threatening to swallow up everything our civilization is based upon like a landslide.

Stupid people tend not to question what other “wisest” people tell them. If science has “proved” that we are just matter, then so must be it. Science is the new religion and if science says so, who are we to doubt it? No one cares to examine any further the stupidity of such an announcement. No one cares to check that materialism is an obsolete (for centuries now) and unproved philosophical dogma. And nobody cares to actually see if other ways of modeling reality (e.g. the human brain is a receiver of consciousness) can fit to the observational data we have (which they can). [see here for more on this matter]

Stupid people prefer tangible benefits than the truth. So if one of the possible philosophical choices grants us more “freedom” why not take that choice? People like being free. People like liberty. Why being oppressed by God? Let us become gods instead! Why being oppressed by religion? Let us be “guided” by wise scientists. It does not matter that we do not understand (let alone question) what they tell us – all it matters is that science is not called “religion”. It doesn’t matter if religion said the same things that science tells us know. (check this article) Now we have “proof”. It doesn’t matter that the only thing science proved is that if cannot prove anything [Godel]. (check “dogmatism” and “science dogmatism” articles in Harmonia Philosophica) We believe in science. Who needs virtues, when we have good tasty stakes here and now? Who needs reaching the truth while we can have sex with anyone we want here and now? Who wants philosophy when we are able to make more money here and now? Who needs rules to follow? (ok, natural laws are something else and we have no problem following them since they are soulless, objective and do not come from religion…)

We want to call ourselves “free thinking”, but we follow the good old USSR propaganda every day. We killed God in order to take His place. And we did. But without first reaching theosis. All we want is freedom. To do whatever pleases us. But we forget that the world itself has rules. We forget that life has rules. We forget that consciousness and Being also have mystical eternal rules which cannot be broken without reverberations. Believing in total and unconditional freedom is just as illusionary as believing in a Communist paradise after seeing what it has done.

A return back to the Christian values which made Western civilization great is now more than needed. It is essential for survival. We need to find our compass quick enough before we are lost in the woods of existence for ever. In a world of order, the only safe way of thinking is to follow… order. The road of ethics is a difficult one, but this is how the correct road has always been: hard to follow. We must understand that although it seems that our parents try to oppress us, they actually try their best to care for us because they love us. Our juvenile revolt against our Father has lasted all too long. We played enough. Now in the face of total extinction we must face reality and come back home. And like the prodigal son, our Father will still love us. The same as the son who stayed home…


(raising hands)

We want to be just matter, so we are free to do as we please!

We want to be lifeless beings, so it makes no difference if we sin or not.

We want to be pre-programmed robots.

So that we do not care what we say or do…

We wish we are all born equal (rocks) and we want sex!

Because we are “free” !!!

(raising hands again)


Wait a minute. Why is that rock staring at us? Is it smiling? Nuuuh…

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Liberals/ leftists: The new Communism rising (and this time it is much more dangerous)

The new global fashion is all about “humanism”.

The new global fashion is all about being “progressive”.

The new global fashion is all about being a “democrat”.

Leftists shout about these things every day. But there is a saying for those who shout too much: Usually they are the ones who need to shut up. In Greek we call it: Φωνάζει ο κλέφτης για  να φοβηθεί ο νοικοκύρης, or in other words “The thief is shouting so that the owner of the house gets afraid”.

Who defines what “humanism” is?

Who defines what “progressive” is?

Who defines what is “democratic”?

A shouting oppressive minority of atheists/ lefists have taken over universities all over the world and in the name of “progress” have tagged anything Christian as “bad” and “evil”. If you speak in favor of your country (as any proud member of a community would be) you are a “racist”. If you speak in favor of a person (and anyone can and should do if he feels about it) you are a “racist”. If you speak against anything illegal (as any rational member of society would and should do) you are a “fascist”. If you speak in favor of traditional ethical values (which helped society flourish and grow for thousands of years) you are regressive (as if anything new is by default better than anything older). If you speak your mind in favor of Christianity you are… illiterate at least. (as if Aristotle who founded Logic was also illiterate for speaking about a First Mover, or as if Godel who came out with a proof for God was… stupid) If you do not want to accept illegal muslim immigrants to your country you are a heir to… Hitler. (as if any society can stand without adhering to the laws)

In summary, if you speak your mind against anything not supported by the leftists you are a bad person who deserves punishment of some sort. This highly Marxist ideology has corroded every corner of the universities and the media as well, which seem keen on promoting anything illegal or irrational as long as it is non-Christian or against the current set of values from which communists feel threatened by the most. “Random” images of crying children or women in pain are of course part of the recipe to create sympathy for the ideas promoted by that media, while at the same time there is a constant effort NOT to show any images of the actual results of such ideologies. People – real people – are in misery and in pain without any of the leftists paying any attention. We are too focused on “Black lives matter” to notice any white lives ending violently because of shootings. We are too focused on “ecology” to notice that leftists/ liberals have more yachts than Donald Trump. We are too focused on the “poor refugees” coming to Greece that we do not have time to either tell the truth (i.e. that they are economic illegal immigrants and not refugees) or show images from poor starving Greek local legal residents trying to find some bread while the state provides free meals to those “poor people”.

All in all, communists were and still are TRAINED SOLDIERS of revolution.

Sure, they lost the Cold War. But who said they accepted that?

Start saying the obvious whenever and wherever you can.

Start SHOUTING the obvious whenever and wherever you can.

Then and only then, we might stand a chance…

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Why Communism WON after all… Why are YOU here today? Do you feel God?

“Why are we here today?” she asked.

“To make revolution,” they answered.

“What kind of revolution?” she replied.

“The Cultural Revolution,” they chanted.

“And how do we make Cultural Revolution?” she demanded.

“By destroying the American family!” they answered.

“How do we destroy the family?” she came back.

“By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly.

“And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.

“By taking away his power!”

“How do we do that?”

“By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.

“How can we destroy monogamy?”

Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears.  Was I on planet earth?  Who were these people?

“By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded. (1)

Part of a fictional novel?


Part of a weird cult?


Part of American universities.

People think that communism lost the war with the glorious America, but it is actually the other way around. Culturally the Marxist ideas of the liberation (communism’s favorite word for leading minions into inextricable slavery) of women from the slavery of the family have been poisoning the western culture for decades.

Once upon a time people believed in life. Once upon a time people believed in family. Once upon a time there were Christians. Once upon a time people believed in God.

Now people believe they own life. Now people believe family is the enemy. Now we have anti-christians disguised as “atheists” or “agnostics”. Now we believe we are gods.

“Is is my body” they say. And a child cries.

“I want a career” they claim. And Ava Gardner laughs.

Be aware of those who claim big victories. They could be facing their greatest defeat. No, I am not talking about US. I am referring to all those women who cry alone at night wishing they were not alone. I am referring to all those women who cry alone at night wishing they had the children they once upon a time killed. I am referring to all those atheists who cheered upon the “God is dead” announcement. They were too busy celebrating, that they did not notice Nietzsche crying…

Have you found love in your life?

Do you feel god? Or a humble human?

Why are you here today?

Communism as part of western universities stories (to mention to anyone throwing the “universities/ professors say so” argument to you)

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