Ocean. Rogue waves. Darkness.



Rogue waves are extremely high ocean waves that exceed the significant wave height by more than a factor of 2. Extreme waves are also very rare; less than one in 100,000 waves exceeds the rogue wave criterion. While their existence was long disputed throughout the 1990s, thousands of rogue waves have been recorded on oil rigs in the past 20 years. Nevertheless, the origin of rogue waves is still disputed, with a multitude of competing theories that fall into two basic categories: linear theories consider incidental random interference the origin of rogue waves. Recently nonlinear theories gained increasing popularity as they promise that certain characteristic wave patterns may possibly precede a rogue event. (1)

“Something interacts” and “something happens” …

Randomly or not, it does not matter.

Because the actual nature of the ocean is beyond any such interpretation.

The ocean is deep, cold, scary. The ocean is mystical, alone, powerful. The ocean is peaceful. The ocean is dark. The ocean is silent. The ocean is never random. Look at the large waves. The ocean does not interact. The ocean Is. Let yourself go. Feel the power of the cold water. Feel the loneliness of the cosmos.

The ocean is what it is.

You are drowning…

Watching the sun fade away…

As you descend to the depths of the abyss…

Afraid. Cold.

And yet…

A sudden warmth welcomes you…

Imagining. Performing. Dreaming of being God. Being one.


Imagine standing on a basketball court, throwing the basketball and watching it arc into the net, followed by a soft swoosh sound.

Chances are you’ll make that shot without a problem if you’ve been practicing on the court regularly (along with imagining yourself doing it), according to research by Phillip Post, associate professor in the Kinesiology and Dance Department in the College of Education at New Mexico State University. Post is studying the link between imagery and how it impacts motor learning and sport performance. Recently, Post presented his research at an international conference at Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua. (1)

Imagine being not alone.

Imagine being with other people.

Imagine being one being of the many.

Imagine existing beyond the One.

You see it happening every day. Alone we all “are”, parts of the One which is the only Being. And yet we see “other” people, we “see” many where only the “monad” exists.

You are in the dark.

Alone. Strong. Happy.

“Seek the empty, if you wish to be full”…


Parmenides, one of the first thinkers, was “empty”. And because of that he was able to understand the fullness of One.

We on the other hand are “full” of knowledge on various subjects. And by over-analysis, we are “empty”…

We have destroyed the mystery in the world. And now all we can do is sit alone in the cold and die…

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