Leibnitz, Polynesia, potatoes.


Polynesian islanders spoke the language of computers centuries before the first programmer was born. It seems that inhabitants of Mangareva island in French Polynesia created their own particular hybrid of decimal and binary number systems to do mental arithmetic. (1)

Binary or decimal, one thing is for sure. We have the need to measure. We inherently have the ability to measure. But… what? Surely not potatoes and oranges. Surely not ROI and stock prices. It is something else…

Can we measure the immeasurable? Can we count the uncountable? Could it be that all arithmetic systems should end and start at the only common thing they share? The Monad? 1!

Prove science with… Faith?

How can one believe science has no limits?

By the interpretation of Gödel’s theorem, no section of human knowledge (e.g. arithmetic) can prove its consistency by… it self. But this implies that it may be proved by means of another section of human thought.

So maybe the consistency of Science can be proved in… an un-scientific way? 🙂

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