Bacteria at 33,000 feet: The arrogance killer…


We evolved for thousands of years.

We managed to conquer the skies.

Only to find out that they are already filled with bacteria… [1]


They beat us!

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Beatles more than Humans…

Nitrogen is a key component of the ecosystem and the largest regulator of plant growth. (Credit: © vovan / Fotolia)

A Kansas State University research team has found that despite humans increasing nitrogen production through industrialization, nitrogen availability in many ecosystems has remained steady for the past 500 years. Their work appears in the journal Nature. [1]

Building, polluting, creating factories and yet… zero result.

If I recall correctly, insects have more effect on the planet’s ecosystem.

Trying your whole life to destroy the planet, to show you are important and then suddenly realizing that your are nothing more than a beatle…

How disappointing… 😉

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