Babies categorizing colours…



Researchers have revealed that infants aged between 5 and 7 months hold the representation of color categories in their brain, even before the acquisition of language. [1] We believe we have evolved and changed. But we are still that baby which tries to “categorize” everything it sees. Babies we still are. Trapped in the bodies of grown-ups… Try to remember what you once “knew”. And you will understand what you can never know.

Babies. Beeps. Logos…


Researchers have long known that adults can flexibly find new ways to communicate, for example, using smoke signals or Morse code to communicate at a distance, but a new Northwestern University study is the first to show that this same communicative flexibility is evident even in 6-month-olds.

The researchers set out to discover whether infants could learn that a novel sound was a “communicative signal” and, if so, whether it would confer the same advantages for their learning as does speech.

To do so, they had infants watch a short video in which two people had a conversation — one speaking in English and the other responding in beep sounds. Infants were then tested on whether these novel beep sounds would facilitate their learning about a novel object category, a fundamental cognitive process known to be influenced by speech. Could the beeps, once communicative, have the same effect? Indeed, the researchers found that after seeing the beeps used to communicate, the infants linked beep sounds to categorization just as if they were speech. (1)

In the beginning there was Logos.

And we try to find that ever since.

Into everyone.

Into everything.

A deaf kid. A loving mother. A smile.


A deaf boy listening to his mother for the first time with the help of a hearing aid…

Is that lifeless matter organized into something that gives us the impression of consciousness?

Can we really degrade pure happiness and love into lifeless particles?

How much more will we let our beliefs guide our thoughts?

Listen to your heart. Trust your eyes…



Babies. Health screening. Stupidity.


WILL my baby be healthy? It’s a question that concerns every prospective parent. Now a service that creates digital embryos by virtually mixing two people’s DNA will give a clearer glimpse of their possible child’s health, and perhaps much more – before it has been conceived.

The Matchright technology will be available in two US fertility clinics later this month, allowing people to screen out sperm donors who, when their genes are combined with those of the intended mother, could increase the risk of a child inheriting genetic diseases. The company that markets the technology, GenePeeks, hopes to expand worldwide. (1)

We want to screen everything.
We want to control everything.

As if we know everything.
As if we understand everything.

But we do not know what life is.
We do not know (subsequently) what death is.
We do not know (subsequently) what health is!

Hell, we do not even know how to stop the flu!

What would you say to your kid if it wanted to take control of your car? Or even better, of an airplane? Or maybe of ISS?
Must Nature come alive and SLAP us hard in the face in order for us to get a grip?


Babies, the Greatest Philosophers…

Oups! Not this kind of babies… 🙂

A Swedish newborn takes part in an experiment in which rates of pacifier sucking indicated that babies can tell some native speech sounds from foreign ones within hours of birth. In that way we found that Babies may start to learn their mother tongues even before seeing their mothers’ faces. Newborns react differently to native and foreign vowel sounds, suggesting that language learning begins in the womb, researchers say. [1]

The newborn which was experimented with revealed important findinds…

Well, actually it is something more.

Babies are open to the world while not subject to any of outer influences. They are able to see and look but without having anyone to “teach” them how they should interpret what they actually experience.

If babies could talk, we would listen of the most astounding philosophy…

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