Bikini fit models: A meta-structural analysis of the Dasein ontological phenomenology.


This is not a philosophical post.

[Idea credited to the legendary Karistakis]

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Did you REALLY expect a serious post with such a title?


(perhaps this post IS philosophical after all)

Men prefer bikini. Women (should?) prefer burka?!


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It’s a man’s world.

And the best of all: women think this is changing.

That’s the best trick of them all.

They are actively fighting for their “right” to wear nothing but their sunglasses when they get out to the beach.

This is why men really like going to the beach while women are anxious when they do so. We like seeing all this “fresh meat” leayed out there in front of our eyes, ready for detailed “optical inspection” so as to “choose” the best.

This is what men want.

This is what women hate.

On the other hand we have the burka. Symbol of “oppression”.

But wearing a burka also means that the woman wearing it is free of any criticism for her body. Others do not see her as a piece of meat, then judge her by what she says and does.


Yes, burka IS a symbol of oppression!

But so is the bikini.

As soon as women start realizing that, a balance point will soon be found.

But even if they do not get it, no problem. Summer is getting closer. And I really enjoy strolling on the beach…

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