Harmonia Philosophica: Articles from the future? [Time travel blogging and the illusion of control]


Harmonia Philosophica sites include many pre-scheduled articles. This is the only way sites of this magnitude can be sustained so that their readers are up-to-date.

However there is an amazing little secret in these scheduled articles: They include also many post-mortem articles which will apprear in many years from now, including many which will appear centuries from now up to even 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) years from now!

Why is that?

Well, simply put: I have a lot of things to say and so little time to say it!

So I constantly write and write and write, until I… keep on writing! An in order not to overdose my readers with daily articles (or even multiple articles per day) I just spread the articles in time…

So everything seems under control…

Right? Wrong!

Recently one of my post-mortem posts showed up in one of my sites!

Well before its time (it was scheduled to be published on August 15 of the year 2359, you can now see it at my other Harmonia portal at Blogger! Check the date! It is the correct one! August 15, 2359! And yet… here it is!


Time travel?

Who knows?

All I know, is that I was right!

Nothing is under control. (check the post to see what I mean)

I feel so relaxed now…

Thank God my Alexa rank is down!


True story.

Quality of posts going up.

Page views going up.

Subscribers increasing.


Alexa rank going down by the millions!

After the initial frustration, it was really revealing and a blessing in disguise! No, I am not writing anything to increase of manage the ranking of my site. If that was the goal, I would certainly not write obscure philosophical articles sometimes not even me understand easily, but I would try to write about all those trending hot topics that most people care about. My defiance for Harmonia Philosophica’s popularity is evident from the selection of themes to the way of writing (which essentially breaks all SEO rules). However I did expect a kind of consistency from one of the world’s most famous site ranking sites. But consistency is a rare commodity in our time.

The steep decline in the Alexa rank of this site just re-affirmed my destination. And this destination is – and was from the beginning – towards the few. Those are the ones shaping the future. When was the last time the majority of people solved any great philosophical problem anyway?

At the end, not caring about your site rank is a recipe for failure.

Because at the end the successful will turn to them for advice.

Don’t be too amazed by gold.

It is the dirt which will feed you…

Blogging together… Dying together…


We are the first generation of bloggers.

We have seen the Internet born. We have watched it grow. We have started writing in it. Surfing in it.

And some day, we will be gone. Some day we will simply not be anymore. Our sites, our blogs, our texts, the comments we made to other blogs, the “likes” and all the interactions we enjoyed so much will be mute. They will be mute, echoing interesting times. They will be just shadows.

Shadows of a past long gone…

We are all travelling together. People who do not know each other and yet sharing something cherished. Free falling to the ground. Limited time. Precious time…

“Nothing clever to say”. The curse of our time…


This picture says it all.

We are so much engaged into “saying something smart” over Tweeter, Facebook or the Internet in general, that we losing the point.

And the point is…

Well. No. I will not fall into the same trap! 🙂