Language. Civilization. Silence. Re-death.

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Sixty years ago, renowned Harvard psychologist B. F. Skinner published one of the most important books ever written about language. Verbal Behavior offered a comprehensive account of our unique capacity for symbolic communication, arguing forcefully over nearly 500 pages that it was learned rather than innate. The culmination of years of work, it was certainly influential – although not in the way Skinner anticipated. Rather than propelling his ideas into the limelight, it sparked a counter-revolution that catapulted a rival theory to worldwide acclaim.

Now, though, that rival theory is in decline and some of Skinner’s ideas are making an unexpected comeback. In recent years, psychologists have discovered that language really is learned, emerging from some general skills that are taught to children in the first few years of life. Surprisingly, these are not grand intellectual feats. Rather they can appear almost trivial – as simple as grasping the relationships between things, such as a large ball and a small one. (1)

We tend to see people who talk nicely as cultivated.

We admire logos. Seeing it as the culmination of our civilization.

But the cosmos was born in silence.

A quiet universe bred us into existence.

Calm trees covered us from the sun while we were growing.

The silent Earth carried us in her bosom.

And in that world…

We came into existence crying loud.

Being torn apart from our mother.

Being separated from the cosmos into being.

The only way to return home is not via speaking.

But by staying silent.

Just listen to the rustling of the leaves.

There is a cave underneath.

Go inside.

There is nothing there.

Only the things you bring with you…

Storytelling. An art long gone…


“Knowing how to tell a clear and coherent story is an important skill for helping young children to develop strong reading skills, which, in turn, can help them to be successful across a number of different subjects in school,” said FPG advanced research scientist Nicole Gardner-Neblett. “Prior research suggests that historical and cultural factors foster strong storytelling skills among African American children, which has implications for their development as readers”.

Two years ago, Gardner-Neblett’s own research was the first to demonstrate the connection between African American preschoolers’ storytelling abilities and their early reading skills in kindergarten. That study found a link between storytelling and reading only for the African American children, from households across income levels, but not for any other demographic group. (1)

We have lost the art of storytelling.

Now we just believe the “Facts”.

It is the most “primitive” ones who will ultimately save our heritage as human beings. Soon enough, when the forest is empty, when the river stays silent, we will remember. That there is magic in the world. And that this magic only exists if you believe in it. The river does not make any sound. You are the one making the tree leaves thawing. By just sitting down and closing your eyes. Start analyzing them and you will see that the sound is gone. We are the vessel which receives the cosmos and gives it shapes and sounds.

Too much listening has made us deaf.

Too much seeing has made us blind.

We must into the forest again.

And find a clearing.

No, not in the forest.

In our heart.


The contribution of the Holy Inquisition to civilization (no it is not a joke)


This is a re-post of an article of Theodotus blog (translation posted here)

To defend and justify the Holy Inquisition is the exact opposite of Political Correctness. But as I have nothing to do with PC, I am happy to present the real history of this medieval institution. Even the biggest critic of the Holy Inquisition, the American Quaker historian Henry C. Lea (1825 – 1909), was forced to admit that “The aim of the Holy Inquisition was the same as the aim of Civilization.” Indeed, even the most fanatical anti-Catholics, agree that the Holy Inquisition effectively countered the suicidal beliefs of the Cathars (who were against childbirth), the vandalism of the Anabaptists (who believed in destroying all art works), the murderous tendencies of Fra Dolcino, (who wished to kill every sinner), the “Brothers of the Free Spirit” )who wished to remove from public office everyone who was not “enlightened”).

All these victories for sanity were due to the Holy Inquisition. Today, no-one would be crazy enough to believe that God created some just to damn them for eternity. But, that was for centuries, the protestant dogma, and the cause of terrible wars that bled Europe. It is due to the Holy Inquisition, that Spain wasn’t touched by such have religious wars.

We should also remember that the famed University of Salamanca (one of the best and oldest in Europe), was created by an Inquisitor, and that the conversation about the rights of American Indians took place under the aegis of the Spanish Holy Inquisition. In this, we could even say that the Holy Inquisition was one of sources of modern day international human rights.

To understand how the Spanish Inquisition developed we have to understand Spanish history. In 1492 that country had just completed its national Reconquista, after eight centuries of occupation of a large part of its territory by the Moors. It thus had two really powerful national minorities in it: one of the biggest Jewish communities in the world as well as the Muslims.


See the rest of this interesting article here.

Original Greek post can be found here.

Palmyra: Islamists exposing the total void in western values. [OR: Let it burn. Let it burn…]


Palmyra ruins in Syria

Palmyra is now in the hands of IS. (1)

Soon, any monument there will be history.

And while islamists kill, rape and destroy down here on the ground, the civilized West will be bombarding them from the air…

The once Christianic Europe, the cradle of civilization, is now just a… void ready to be filled in with islamists. Never before had the lack of values in the “progressive” atheistic/ hypocritically christianic West been so decisively crucial and so symbologically clear. For oil we went for war at the end of the world. For raped girls and destroyed monuments, well… who cares? Right?

And like this, a catastrophological mania consumes me.

The urge to see the Acropolis torn down, the Colloseum destroyed stone by stone, the Hagia Sophia burned to the ground, the Mona Lisa (if this thing can stand in the same sentence with the previously mentioned monuments) re-painted in black, the… whatever important monument England has (besides the stolen Greek statues and the Stonehenge which was built in the 20th century) destroyed…

Who cares after all? Right?

Pass me the popcorn please.

Church Bookstore, atheists, Netherlands, Money…


A church in Maastricht is tirned into a bookstore. (1, 2, 3) Atheists around the world (and in Facebook – see here) “celebrate” for the change! It is “good” since it gives life to a dead monument they claim. It is good because an unused monument finally has a use which benefits people, the say.

How much far from the truth are they…

First of all, 49% of people in Netherlands are religious. How can the 51% “decide” on such an important matter? A civilization is characterized on how it treats minorities (although it is really funny to speak of “minorities” due to the 2% difference here). Ana even if there was ONE religious person left, who authorizes the owners of the church to deny him a place to pray?

The cafeteria of the “bookstore”…

Secondly and MOST IMPORTANTLY: The use of monuments should never and under any circumstances be related to MONEY! Monuments are a part of our culture, a part of us, of who we are. We are not money or balance sheets! Netherlands has a very good history of being obsessed with money (yes, they gave up Anna Frank immediately when Germans asked and they now exploit the event to gain some extra money – there was no attempt to “hide” her, there was “resistance”). Even though selling money with interest was forbidden in the Medieval Times from Christianism, it was Dutch people who first defied that “order”.

No wonder they found “logical” to change a church to a bookstore.

If they were in Greece, they would surely change the Parthenon into a sauna to gain money.


MONEY is our God now!


The “essence” of our “civilization!

Long live the “uncivilized”!

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