Is consciousness more important than intelligence? Work. Humans. Doing nothing.


Until today, high intelligence always went hand-in-hand with a developed consciousness. Only conscious beings could perform tasks that required a lot of intelligence, such as playing chess, driving cars, diagnosing diseases or writing articles.

However, today we are developing new types of non-conscious intelligence that can perform these tasks far better than humans. This raises a novel question: which of the two is really important, intelligence or consciousness?

The conscious experiences of a flesh-and-blood taxi driver are infinitely richer than those of Google’s self-driving car, which feels nothing. But what the system needs from a taxi driver is to bring passengers from point A to point B as quickly, safely and cheaply as possible. And Google’s self-driving car will soon be able to do that far better than a human driver. The same goes for mechanics, lawyers, soldiers, doctors, teachers — and even computer engineers. (1)

It may sound correct, but it is more than but.

Work has always been ideal for machines.
Humans are not made to work.
They are meant to Be.


Our purpose in this world.
Not assembling cars or driving cars.
Every molecule or lifeless matter structure can perform “work”.

As for humans…
They actually do the most,
when they do nothing…

Go backwards. Surprise the Universe!

Driving to work becomes routine — but could you drive the entire way in reverse gear? Humans, like many animals, are accustomed to seeing objects pass behind us as we go forward. Moving backwards feels unnatural.

In a new study, scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) reveal that moving forward actually trains the brain to perceive the world normally. The findings also show that the relationship between neurons in the eye and the brain is more complicated than previously thought — in fact, the order in which we see things could help the brain calibrate how we perceive time, as well as the objects around us. (1)

We believe time exists.
So we think that our movement in space helps us see… time as we believe time exists.
Funny how our perception formulates our… perception.

Stop walking.
Go backwards.
For no reason at all.
Surprise your self.
Surprise the universe.
Discover Existence!

PS. Check out Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan’s Teachings…

Killed by lightning. Ancient tribes. Being.

Eleven Wiwa Indians killed by lightning during a tribal ceremony in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountains will be left unburied where they died according to their traditions, an official said Sunday.

The community of about 60 families will abandon their remote village in the wake of Monday’s tragedy, but it was not yet clear where they would go, said Jose Gregorio Rodriguez, an advisor on the Wiwas at the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, which represents the country’s 800,000 indigenous people. (1)

People used to respect nature.
Now we just defy her.

People used to believe in gods.
Now we believe we are gods.

A storm.
Lightning strikes.
People die.
See the soil.
Look at the stars.
Someone is watching.
Time to move on.
Keep on living.
Keep on dying.
Just being.
Leave them there.
Move on.
You will always be there…
Gone with the wind.

Flowers. Being. For ever.

A flower.
Creating seeds.
Future and past locked together.
Paused in time. (1)

We can see them as if we were there.
But wouldn’t we always see them if we were there?

Time is just another dimension…
The flowers are here now.
The flowers existed back then.
Always. Along with us.

I will always be here in 2014 writing this…
No matter how many millions of years pass.
(Harmonia Philosophica)

A = A and why death is not “bad”…

You are afraid to die. But if you were objective as a “scientist” you should not be. We do not know what life is, we do not know what death is. How can we be sure that death or sickness is something “bad” then? We ex-ist (εξ’ ίσταμαι). We are conscious. And yet some people will try to persuade you that this happens for… no reason. We “are”. We “live”. We feel grateful for that. And yet we feel afraid for the only thing that defines life – i.e. death. Most people think sickness is something bad. But when was the last time majority had a correct opinion about a serious philosophical subject ? Shestov would argue… You are here. You will be. You were. How can you “not be” ? You cannot. You grow old. You change. But how can you “Be” and yet “change” ? You cannot. [Harmonia Philosophica, What does it take to believe in death] The most illogical, is the most logical.

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