Light, Dark, Eyes…



A study, published in the journal Nature, showed that mice spending pregnancy in complete darkness had babies with altered eye development.

It indicated tiny quantities of light were needed to control blood vessel growth in the eye. The researchers showed that the retina development requires light that is going through the body during pregnancy.

From darkness we come, into the light.

And yet we are afraid of shadows.

Light could be that which makes us see the… light, but isn’t it true that we would name “light” anything we saw?

Close your eyes. Could that be Light?

Bacteria, arrogance, humans…


You claim to be the most “evolved”, but yet the Tardigrades can outlast you in any possible harsh environment… [1]

You claim to be the most “evolved”, but yet the strawberry has more genomes than you have… [2]

Learn to be less arrogant.

Learn to speak correctly.

Learn to define things properly.

And Nature will respect you, instead of crushing you…

What exists is what we Write…


We believe that some things “exist”. But why is that? Everything we think exists only because we write it down and give it a name. Everything we speak of today, did not even exist as words 3,000 years ago. Most of them will again not even exist as words in a million years from now. Things which “are” will not longer “be”… Things which “were not” are now thought to “exist” just because we write them on paper. How arrogant must we be to think we are the best of all times and have the right to decide what “exists” and what does not?

Naming and defining things is the only way of making them “exist” in the way most people think today…

Go look for your self! Look up the world “gravity” in the student handbooks of 1,280,182 AD and don’t be surprised if you don’t find it there…