Psychopath AI… Psychopath humans… Old fashioned prejudice…

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Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have truly created a monster. A team of researchers who specialize in the darker side of artificial intelligence made news for their latest creation: “Norman”, a machine-learning bot that “sees death in whatever image it looks at”, its creators told HuffPost.

Pinar Yanardag, Manuel Cebrian and Iyad Rahwan wanted to prove that an artificial intelligence algorithm would be influenced by the kind of content fed to it. So they made Norman, named for “Psycho” character Norman Bates, and had it read image captions from a Reddit forum that features disturbing footage of people dying.

The team then showed Norman randomly generated inkblots and compared the way it captioned the images to the captions created by a standard AI. For instance, where a standard AI sees, “A black and white photo of a small bird,” Norman sees, “Man gets pulled into dough machine”. (1)

Seeing life everywhere. Trained to ignore death. Wondering why and how we came to be. Questioning everything regarding our being.

And yet, the questions we ask hold the key to our prejudice. And as all other questions, already contain the answers we secretly wish for.

Audacious humans dancing on a bed of death…

Too busy to see that what they see is the key to what you don’t see…

Measuring the cosmos… Ghosts and numbers…

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A groundbreaking experiment in physics has for the first time provided a precise measurement of a force between electrons and protons called the weak nuclear force. The value 0.0719 (give or take 0.0045) won’t mean much to most of us, but the way they did it makes way for some exciting possibilities for pushing physics beyond the scope of the Standard Model. (1)

We want to measure things in order to believe them. But it is only the truly blessed who believe things without measuring them.

The cosmos is not in numbers.

The essence of the cosmos lies in the irrationality of the numbers’ existence itself. Nothing in the universe is measurable, besides the things which do not belong in it. Only ghosts need tangible “data” for them to exist. Everything else just Is…

Look at π. It does not exist.

And yet, it governs everything…

A man draws circles on the ground.

He will never be able to measure its circumference.

And yet… Here it is…

(the circle, not the man)

Neutron stars colliding. Theories destroyed.


When during 2017 scientists recorded a rippling in space-time, followed within two seconds by an associated burst of light observed by dozens of telescopes around the globe, they had witnessed, for the first time, the explosive collision and merger of two neutron stars. The neutron star merger created gravitational waves – a squiggly distortion in the fabric of space and time, that traveled about 130 million light-years through space, and arrived at Earth at almost the same instant as the high-energy light that jetted out from this merger.

The intense cosmological event observed on Aug. 17, 2017 also had other reverberations here on Earth: It ruled out a class of dark energy theories that modify gravity and challenged a large class of theories.

According to the researchers, “The simplest theories have survived”. “It’s really about the timing”, as mentioned in this study, which was published Dec. 18, 2017 in the journal Physical Review Letters.

A 100-year-old “cosmological constant” theory introduced by Albert Einstein in relation to his work on general relativity and some other theories derived from this model remain as viable contenders because they propose that dark energy is a constant in both space and time: Gravitational waves and light waves are affected in the same way by dark energy, and thus travel at the same rate through space.

“The favorite explanation is this cosmological constant […] That’s as simple as it’s going to get”, researchers explain. There are some complicated and exotic theories that also hold up to the test presented by the star-merger measurements. Massive gravity, for example (a theory of gravity that assigns a mass to a hypothetical elementary particle called a graviton) still holds a sliver of possibility if the graviton has a very slight mass.

Some other theories, though, which held that the arrival of gravitational waves would be separated in time from the arriving light signature of the star merger by far longer periods – stretching up to millions of years – don’t explain what was seen and must be modified or scrapped. (1)

The simpler the better.

It looks logical.

But it is also scary.

All this science and theories, discarded from an axiomatic definition of a “constant”; which was thought up by a genius in a flash of intuition without giving any valid logical or scientific explanation for its existence…

The universe is not here for us to understand it.

Monkeys try to understand.

Giraffes try to understand.

Worms try to understand.

We are here to shape the cosmos. To bend it under our own will.

Think of something. Define it as constant. It is now true.

Your whole universe can be and will be built around it!

You are not just a genius.

You are God…

Quantum entanglement in living organisms? The complexity of simple definitions.


Researchers managed to generate and study quantum entanglement in living organisms.

In the study, scientists used green fluorescent proteins, which are responsible for bioluminescence and commonly used in biomedical research. The research team attempted to entangle the photons generated from the fluorescing molecules within the algae’s barrel-shaped protein structure by exposing them to spontaneous four-wave mixing, a process in which multiple wavelengths interact with one another to produce new wavelengths.

Through a series of these experiments, researchers successfully demonstrated a type of entanglement, called polarization entanglement, between photon pairs. (polarization is the orientation of oscillations in light waves. A wave can oscillate vertically, horizontally, or at different angles) In the entangled pairs, the photons’ polarizations are entangled, meaning that the oscillation directions of light waves are linked. Scientists also noticed that the barrel-shaped structure surrounding the fluorescing molecules protected the entanglement from being disrupted.

“When I measured the vertical polarization of one particle, we knew it would be the same in the other”, a researcher said. “If we measured the horizontal polarization of one particle, we could predict the horizontal polarization in the other particle. We created an entangled state that correlated in all possibilities simultaneously”. (1)

Sounds fascinating. But what did we do here? We created entanglement not for something living but for atoms (photons) related to a specific organism. So? Why is that important? Are the atoms related to a living organism less “atomic” than the other atoms related to non-living organisms?

Our definitions are so simplistic. The razor of Occam has cut down everything to a point that there is no way to add the necessary complexity to study the real world without destroying the whole foundations of science altogether. We tend to find the simplest solution (everything is matter) and yet the reality is much more complex (the cosmos is matter and immaterial spirit, with the later actually creating and giving essence to the former).

The foundations of science are illusionary.

And that is why it reaches to illusionary (extraordinary) results.

Look at religion. Its foundations are the humans themselves.

And that is why it will never see entanglement.

Not because it cannot. But because entanglement is not there.

And what is most important: It does not matter.

Stop building upon shadows.

Touch yourself. Start clapping.

And the world will make sense again.

Health. Disease. Blurry lines…


Our genome is made up of 20,000 genes, all of which may cause disease. At present, 4,141 genes have been identified as being responsible for genetic abnormalities, leaving around 16,000 genes with unknown implication in disease. Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, — working in collaboration with scientists from Pakistan and the USA — have investigated a recessive genetic disorder that destroys the eyes from developing and results in childhood blindness. After analyzing the genomes of each member of a consanguineous family with affected children, the geneticists pinpointed pathogenic mutations in a new gene, MARK3, as being the cause. They subsequently confirmed their findings — published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics — by modifying the homologous gene in drosophila flies, which resulted in abnormal eye development and blindness. The identification of the MARK3 related disease will help to understand the mechanism of the disease, provide diagnostic services, and initiate efforts for a personalized treatment. (1)

The same genes which are praised for their role in life…

Are responsible for the diseases which destroy it…

Could it be that these genes work the wrong way?

Or that we are seeing the whole picture from a wrong standpoint?

Can what is good be evil at the same time?

Can health entail disease?

Can life entail death?

What an irrational cosmos…

So alive. So sad. So true…

Look at the circle on the sand.

The line is blurry.

Distracted by the wind.

Please don’t touch my circle…

Blood on the sand.

A cry of a bird in the distance.

The deep ocean cries…

The Polar Star stands still.

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