Live and let DIE you small hypocrite…


People in the “brainy circles” of our hypocritical society talk about diversity. But how much are differences really valued? “I wonder”, a mother of a child with Down’s Syndrome writes, “whether my friends and colleagues would recognize the value of a child who was slower, less capable and more dependent”… (1)

Love is hard to find. And even harder to give.

Take a nap. Watch TV. Don’t care about people with problems or children with genetical problems. You will not see them anyway. You will not let them be born. Being active is hard.

Giving your hand is hard. Being passive is easy. Live and let DIE…

Change the channel. I am bored.

Down’s Syndrome to University and Music… What a failure!

The 1st university graduate with Down’s Syndrome. (1)

And what about the case of a music maestro with Down’s Syndrome?! Now THIS is an exception worth noting! (23)

These must be the largest failures of modern science ever!

How did those kids got away from our fail-proof genetic tests?

Genetics, Down’s syndrome and our Death Civilization…

An early test for Down’s syndrome is developed. With this future mothers will know even earlier if their child-to-be-born has this disease. [1]

Such tests really terrify me. Because they are not performed with the intention to preserve or sustain life, but with the intention to terminate it…

The point under discussion is this: Should science (as “Science”) be interested in the moral implications of what it does? For years scientists claim that it shouldn’t. However the evil related to scientific discoveries is much too overwhelming to ignore. Science SHOULD take a stand!

When I develop a test that I KNOW will be used to justify the killing of someone and yet, I cannot say that I am “not” responsible for the results… Bioethics as a sector should develop IN PARALLEL with the advances of science in various fields, ESPECIALLY when human life is at stake.

The need to “know” is urged by a need to kill anything unperfect.
Our civilization is a civilization of (spitirual) death.

We WILL create the perfect body, like Hitler visualized. But when we do, we will have killed its soul…

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